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    NG tube irrigation

    What if the nurse on the shift before you pulled out emesis from the blue tube (I thought it was an air tube) 240cc emesis. See the suction machine wasnt working (per the nurse on day shift), the patient has lots of emesis-there wasnt another suction machine or ng tube to use-it was Saturday....so, the day nurse decided to suction out through the blue tube 240cc emesis-and then her intent was to send the pt to the hospital/or get another suction m machine on Monday. Now, is what she did going to hurt the tube or the pt? Should I now, tonight, Tuesday, clear out the blue tube-I guess I could leave the suction on, irrigate with 30-60cc warm water in the blue tube- (See, the Nurse Sunday was concerned and sent the pt to the hospital on Sunday morning to check Tube placement? it was correct and they took the NG tube out to clear it out and put it back in. And yes, that was a $700 charge by EMS!! We are a long term care facility) I assume the tube was clogged....now there is an order to irrigate w 20cc water. There wasnt an order before-i didnt know we needed an order to irrigate an NG tube?