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  1. macgrad

    What is the ideal caseload?

    your story is heartbreaking.... in fact, i felt myself start to tear. hospice takes a special kind of nurse that will go beyond the management of si/sy. im so sorry your familly did not experience this.
  2. macgrad

    HELP! Need Advice!

    Well, here's the update... I took the job! I investigated further and found out that when going to a bad area, the security guard will pick me up at home and drive me to where I am going, and when the visit is completed, take me home. Sure, there are still some concerns on the safety issue but it is in my blood to do this. Thanks for the comments!
  3. macgrad

    HELP! Need Advice!

    I have to make a decision on a job in less than 24 hours. The job is a hospice job making visits to nursing homes during the week. However, I would be on call certain weekends. When on call, it is for 8pm to 8am and I am required to visit nursing homes as well as individual homes. My concern is, I live in downtown chicago, and would be required to visit unsafe neighborhoods in the middle of the night if called. I was hoping some seasoned home health nurses could give me some feedback on my concern for safety?