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  1. kmen2739

    13 states with same CA BON concurrency issues

    Hi, Poala0413! I'm not sure if this will be of help to you anymore but for those reading this thread, my college friend who first obtained his license in NY and practiced for a year. He transferred to TX, obtained another license, and practiced there for 3 years now. He planned to transfer to CA since his family and relatives are mostly there. When he applied for CA BON, he was informed that he still needs to undergo additional schooling to obtain the units that does not comply with their requirements for him to get an RN license from them. Looking at it, it doesn't make sense to go through again obtaining additional units just to comply to get his CA RN license when in fact he was already issued 2 RN licenses namely: NY & TX. Your thoughts on this?
  2. Thank you, SilverDragon102! Really appreciate your assistance.
  3. Sorry, SilverDragon102. Got the terms mixed up. Just clarifying again, my NCLEX results from California (BON) which originally is the state where I am applying for can be forwarded to Illinois (BON) right? So no need for me to take NCLEX again? Aware about CES report from CGFNS as requirement. Will work on that. Any steps or other requirement that I should keep in mind also? Really appreciate your inputs.
  4. none yet, SilverDragon102. anything you would like to share or enlighten me on? thank you for the reply.
  5. I'm an RN from Manila. MHCN graduate 2006. Passed NCLEX in 2008. I need to process my Illinois RN license. How do I start and go about the endorsement process of my NCLEX results from California? Will really appreciate your inputs.
  6. kmen2739

    Anyone From Mhcn?

    count me in. . i'm from batch 2006. i passed the june 2006 boards, and right now doing self-review for my nclex. to all metrogators and soon to graduate, good luck!
  7. kmen2739

    Re: South Carolina hospitals

    Jrhyle, thanks for the info. that's kind of you. well noted. i'll keep you updated on my nclex app and review. have a great day! ! ! :wink2:
  8. kmen2739

    Re: South Carolina hospitals

    dreamchaser, hi. i think you're on the right track. you're doing well keep it up! i'm also doing self-review at the moment. i'll be taking my nclex soon. i have a question, is South Carolina a non-cgfns state? my friend is planning to apply his nclex there. have a great day! ! !
  9. kmen2739

    Pearson review books(Prentice Hall) and Feuer

    Feuer is good. i haven't taken my nclex yet but i'm using the Feuer CD Audio Series for my guide. i'm doing self-review at the moment.