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  1. kerry118

    Welcome Class of 2008!

    :balloons: yay class of 2008! :balloons: i feel just like everyone else-excited and just as equally terrified! good luck to everyone! can't wait to share experiences with you all!
  2. kerry118

    Just wondering

    thank you!
  3. kerry118

    Just wondering

    thanks! but what's the difference between an associates and an associates in applied science?
  4. kerry118

    Just wondering

    this may sound silly, but what are all the degrees you can get in nursing? i've seen a lot of abbreviations thrown around and i only know for sure what a few are. also, what's the difference between them, besides length of education? asn: associates in science (at least that's what i always thought...) bsn: bachelor in science adn: ? help me with others, i can't think of them right now! thanks! ~*kerry