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  1. kikr

    Do You Have Male Nurses on your Unit?

    Uhm, why yes there IS always this one male nurse in every ward I've ever worked. Good looking fellow to.
  2. kikr

    Male Nurses/female Patients

    I don't have a problem conducting any procedures for any patient. I always ask the patient if they mind me working with them or if they would be more comfortable with a female nurse.
  3. kikr

    Why are others nurses rude to agency nurses

    These kinds of questions always make me smile. Sort of. I'm a 34 yo male LPN who recently became a nurse. After working as regular staff for a year at a chemical dependancy clinic I decided to work for an agency in order to broaden my experience. I generally work at 3 different facilities a week, a center for retarded adults, a total care nursing home, and a retirement center where the patients are self sufficient. I frequently ask for and receive assignments to new experiences and have not had but one bad experience yet. All the facilities that I've been too have been awesome. I feel that I have such good experiences is due to a couple of different factors. First...I'm always early to report for my shift. If its the first time I've been to that facility I generally show up 45 min to an hour early to find the charge nurse or supervisor and introduce my self to them. I ask lots of questions (that I think are intelligent) about the patients that I'm working with, and about any skills that I'll be using. If theres something I'm unfamiliar with I ask about it. I ask pointed questions about policy and procedure for that facility concerning common tasks. Second..I meet with the direct care staff. Every facility has unlicensed direct care personnel. They are the ones who know the patients best. Pick their brains for all kinds of information. I build an alliance with them early because they are the ones I'll be turning to ask where things are, and about patient specific behaviors. Last...I don't stop moving. Even if I've done all my med pass or whatever I always try to pitch in else where. I offer to help with charting, filing, I clean, or I follow up with other patient requests. This and my over abundance of wit and charm have helped me to make all the regular staff at the facility feel comfortable with me, and have helped me have a great time as an agency nurse.
  4. kikr

    Pls Help!!!

    LPN/LVN holds many more oppurtunities than surg tech does, I'd definately tell you to go LPN with those options. However I'll also tell you that if your going to pay to go to nursing school, then go RN you get even more options and oppurtunities. Yeah the school may be a year longer but its worth it. Good luck.
  5. kikr

    Hi everyone

    I'm a 34 year old LPN from Jacksonville, Fl. I just left the Army after 16 years of service and am loving being a civilian. I ended my time in the Army as a combat medic and LPN. I love nursing and am currently working as an agency nurse, guess I still cant quite sit still. I have a wide range of intrest and lots of experience in various fields, law enforcement, fire fighting, explosives, hazmat, you name it the Army's let me do it. Anyways, I'll see you all on the boards.