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PICU-RN specializes in ICU.

28yo, married for 6 years with a 5yo baby boy, Donovan!

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  1. PICU-RN

    RNs in an ambulance- Illinois?

    I am also interested in this. Can you get me some info? I live in southern Illinois, so maybe the pre-reqs are the same. Thanks!
  2. PICU-RN


    Not really. Had one on ECMO in March and they passed away. Had another one in May and is off ECMO, but on a vent still. Massive heart issues. Don't get a good vibe on this one either.
  3. PICU-RN

    People Who Passed Nclex: Please Post Study Book

    I used the NCLEX made Easy Q&A book, along with Mosby's flashcards. I did approximately 3000 questions before I took the NCLEX.
  4. PICU-RN

    Feels good to be done!!

    well well well....where do i begin? i just graduated nursing school in may with my adn. i took boards on june 16 and for all of you that are nervous....best of luck!! i had to take all 265 questions!!!! it royally sucked, but i made it through it!! i am now in my preceptorship/orientation in the picu at cardinal glennon children's hospital. it is such a wonderful place!! a little background..... i met my hubby in high school and we have been together for 8 years!! we've been married for 6 and still going strong!! i have a 5yo boy with spina bifida who is the love of my life!! he was my inspiration for nursing! finally, thank you for such a wonderful site!! i look forward to meeting many new friends!!:caduceus: