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    Children's Hospital Los Angeles

    Hi, I'm currently in CHLA's RN Residency in Pediatrics Program, which began in September. It is truly a wonderful program!! The program is so successful that it has been replicated in five other pediatric hospitals across the country.The major benefit is that it is 22 weeks in length. Most of my nursing school friends have had only 8-12 weeks of orientation/ training at their hospitals and all of them agree they are not ready to be on their own. The program is also very comprehensive - it includes skills labs, lectures, and debriefing/support sessions. My impression so far has been that staff are extremely supportive and genuinely interested in our learning and professional development. Currently, there are 40 residents being trained. This includes at least 2 or 3 nurses that were already working at other hospitals (some for even 5 or 6 months). I believe four RN's are being trained in the NICU. CHLA accepts new grads in all units (ICU's, ER, Oncology, etc). The next program begins in Feburary 06. Apply now because spots fill up quickly, especially in their ICU's. Good Luck!
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    Breech Position

    Thank you all for your replies!! :spin:
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    Breech Position

    Hi, I'm a volunteer birth companion at my school of nursing and have a quick question about breech positions. I'm wondering, is it possible for the baby to rotate into a breech position a couple of days before a full-term birth? I ask because one of the women I accompanied told me that her prenatal care provider said everything was fine on Friday. Then on Sunday, when she began experiencing contractions and went to the hospital, they told her she needed a c-section because the baby was in a breech position. Is this possible? I couldn't locate any information. Many thanks in advance.