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CASSYANN has 4 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. The Problem with Nursing

    It must be nice to be an expert, and not even passed NCLEX yet! I still haven't learned everything, and probably never will in my lifetime. I still love being a nurse, though, and really, isn't that part of it, too? Maybe I don't get the respect I...
  2. I know that in Ohio, you can lose your license for doing this. It's just plain unprofessional, but to be honest, some nurses at my work do it also.
  3. Caught in the web of a workplace romance.

    If this relationship worked out with the silver fox, 1) the sex is never as good as you think it will be, 2) you will always be worried that he'll find another nurse who is attracted to him. It's just not worth it. I've been there, and made the ri...
  4. I took my NCLEX today and I think I failed :-(

    I still remember from five years ago getting a lot of prioritization questions on my NCLEX. I also thought I might have failed, (almost) everyone feels that way. You probably didn't fail, but even if you did, you just pick yourself up and go back a...
  5. 13 things a nurse won't tell you

    This is sooo right, it's scary.
  6. 13 things a nurse won't tell you

    1. Was your family member blind, deaf, and MRDD prior to their accident/being on the ventilator? If not, why would you yell at them when you're a foot from their face, and treat them like they're three years old now? 2. Please get away from my pat...
  7. CCRN time requirement

    I have been an ICU nurse only a year, and a nurse for that length of time also. I would like to get my CCRN, but the instructions say I should have 1875 hours of nursing time within the last 2 years. Having worked full time for the last year, I alrea...