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momofabmtcs has 7 years experience and specializes in Tele, ICU, CVICU.

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  1. momofabmtcs

    FNP deployment

    How long are FNP deployed for? I was told it was 1 year, then 6 months. Just trying to get figured out. I am in army reserves now.. Thanks
  2. momofabmtcs

    army reserve pay

    Patty, None of this makes any sense.. I got my bonus before I even went to my first drill. Paid the 15th of that month when I did my first drill. I would be making some phone calls now....
  3. momofabmtcs

    OBC-RC Pay

    ***...This is not right... I got the impression from my UA that I would be paid as usual..15th and 1st... My unit is at ECT so I will have to wait til they get back before I can find anything else out
  4. momofabmtcs

    security clearance

    U dont know Edie very well then. have u looked at her friends on Facebook? Just kidding....Cant wait for SA
  5. momofabmtcs


    Did u read on here that if we go later in day we may be at the Holiday Inn...single rooms
  6. momofabmtcs


    Does anyone know where we stay while at OBC. From my understanding FT Sam is under construction and I heard that we would be put in hotel. Just wondering if anyone knows which one. Thanks
  7. momofabmtcs

    Experiences from OBLC??

    Do you care to post it?
  8. momofabmtcs

    Am I the only one still waiting??

    Hi there, I am member of 339. It is a very good group of ppl. I will not be there due to OBC but July is only 1 day drill. You won't do much. Someone can take you to clothing store. Also you can inprocess before the first day. The UA is swamped on drill weekends and does not like to do that. If u need his number email me. Congrats
  9. momofabmtcs

    OBLC- Due to go but need more time

    Did u get your orders yet? Or just spot reserved? Thanks
  10. momofabmtcs

    OBLC requirements

    Thanks... I am not picky especially when I'm not buying.
  11. momofabmtcs

    army reserve nurse corps-need the real truth

    Well said!
  12. momofabmtcs

    OBLC requirements

    Only if u get me my wine and its all before that colonoscopy.
  13. momofabmtcs

    OBLC requirements

    Get a what? I am pretty sure that I would of noticed that in all the paperwork I signed. Yes I signed for 6 yrs, not for colonoscopy. Man I need to find that wine.
  14. momofabmtcs

    June OBLC RC

    I better be...
  15. momofabmtcs

    OBLC requirements

    Alright straighten me out.. I had HIV done, immunizations updated. I did that PHA thing on AKO. I need to call someone? WHO and what and where do I go for that? THis sh@t is wearing me out. Can my dentist not do my panorex xray? I thought if I take the dental form with me when I go see him next, I could have him fill out and turn in at my unit. Is this not correct? I need a glass of wine or cold beer right about now. Maybe thats why I cant keep this sh@t straight.
  16. momofabmtcs

    Army Accession Timeline--packet to orders

    Sign up for OBC as soon as u can, I am in for June.