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  1. mentalhealthman

    Why does his blood sugar drop?

    My Father-in-law has been Type 1 diabetic for over 60 years and has defied all odds with his tenacity. Anyway, I am seeking insight into reasons that a blood sugar would drop. He gets accu checks 4x daily with coverage and then 30 units Lantus at bedtime. I am thinking that the only way his sugar can drop is that he was either given the wrong dosage or the wrong insulin. I am thinking that his coverage is for the reading at the time of the accu check and should not have anything to do with what he eats afterward. Is this correct? This has happened on only four occasions these past 4 months so I am ruling out a metabolic issue. This is more for my own knowledge, so any information is welcome.
  2. mentalhealthman

    Get Lpn or Rn in NE Ohio

    Cuyahoga Career Center has a 9 month LPN course. That is the shortest one that I have seen. Looks like a good program. One good thing about being an LPN is that you can get some good experience before you become an RN. The pay is pretty good. Also as an LPN you bypass those long waiting lists for RN. They have Bridge programs (LCCC). Good Luck.
  3. mentalhealthman

    Excelsior questions :)

    There are many Excelsior Student Sites on Yahoo groups. Go to Yahoo groups and search for Excelsior College. You will find a lot of support and information from current students.
  4. Louis Stokes VA Hospital Cleveland Ohio VISN 10. Lpn working in Psychiatric Emergency Room. US Marine Corps 1984 -1990. Proud to serve. Still pursuing an RN license, but waiting for my year with the VA to qualify for educational benefits.
  5. mentalhealthman

    Public (ADN or BSN) schools in Cleveland area....

    University of Akron has a few different programs you may want to look at while you are here. http://www.wzip.uakron.edu/ nursing/Academic/ academic_programs.htm
  6. mentalhealthman

    overwhelmed with decision

    It can be confusing. What is good about Excelsior is that you can take it at your own pace. If you are motivated and have good study habits, you may be able to take a test every month or so. You pay as you go. You will have to enroll to complete the course. Around $700.00. If you do the math, it is probably less expensive than a traditional school. The problem is that it is not a title IV school, which means you can't get federal student loans. As far as Rue, The College Network, or any other publishing company.... if it fits use them. They are not necessary though. Check out some of the groups on Yahoo. Try typing in excelsior college and you can find some to get started. Good Luck.
  7. mentalhealthman

    excelsior nursing program

    I am an LPN working at the VA hospital in Cleveland. I too am going through Excelsior. It won't be easy, but it can be done. Check out the distance learning forum. Many posts concerning Excelsior. There are Medics there too that have successfully gone through the program. Also check out the nursing groups on Yahoo. Plenty of information to get you started. Just go to the groups page and type in Excelsior. You should find some. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. mentalhealthman

    Anyone use Excelsior in Ohio??

    Rylee, I too am a LPN in Northeast Ohio. Checked with the BON and Ohio has no restrictions on EC grads. You can go to the EC web site and fill out a application for enrollment. The fee was $65.00. Forward your transcripts and they will give you a good idea of what is needed. You can take NC1 and NC2 (if needed) before you actually enroll. Enrollment fee is around $700.00 and is good for a year. As far as Study guides.... I bought all of mine off of Ebay for pennies on the dollar. For me the convenience is worth it. You can get the required texts from EC too. For me, the hardest part is staying motivated and focused. Good Luck.:studyowl:
  9. mentalhealthman

    nursing concept 2 excempt for all lpns

    EC recently sent a response to this. They say that I can't have the waiver because I took Commonalities "B" back in 1999 and was not successful. They say that this test is about the same. I can't seem to make sense of this. There are two other tests that I passed with an "A", and those won't count because they are over five years old. A little frustrating, to say the least, I am going to continue and hope they make an exception, or give me credit for the other tests. Have to just wait and see. Good luck to all.
  10. mentalhealthman

    excelsior question

    After submitting your application and the $65.00, EC will give a pre-assessment of your transcripts. They say it isn't official, but will give you a good idea of what is needed. Also, they have made Nursing Concepts 2 exempt for all LPN/LVNs with a current license. Good luck, try to stay focused, just one test at a time.
  11. mentalhealthman

    what states do not accept Excelsior?

    One option to consider:idea: If you can find a job within the Veterans Administration.......You can work anywhere..as long as it is with the VA
  12. mentalhealthman

    nursing concept 2 excempt for all lpns

    Had to verify with the college just for peace of mind. I have been hearing about this since last week. Now I know. Just in time too. I was about to pay for the practice test just a few days ago. Wow!!:yelclap: :yelclap: :yelclap:
  13. mentalhealthman

    Opinions on Excelsior College?

    I am currently taking classes with Excelsior. For myself, it is the best fit. I finished NC 1 recently. Not too bad. Got through it with minimal studying, but that may not be the case with some of the others. You may be exempt for NC2 if you graduated from an LPN school that is NLN certified. It works for me because I can do it at my pace. It does take discipline though. It is definitely doable. Good luck with what ever you decide. Also you can check out the groups @ Yahoo. There are numerous study groups for Excelsior College.
  14. mentalhealthman

    Stay with good paying job, or go with LVN program??? NEED ADVICE.....

    Going to LVN school would not be a bad idea. Not sure about the RN programs out there, but I think that most of them have bridge programs for LPNs/LVNs. So the time would not be a waste. If your job is flexible, which it sounds like it, Go For It. I know that having a license has payed off for me. Like the last comment, you never know what you don't know.
  15. mentalhealthman

    Failed the first EC NC1 exam

    $75.00 per exam. They now have available Micro, A&P, and of course the NC exams. I recently went through the practice exam for NC 1. The rationales our very informative. I noticed that some of the questions were similar in the 2nd practice test, but the rationales from the first test explain the answers. Am scheduled for NC1 this Wed. Not sure if I studied enough, but it's too late to turn back now. Don't give up. You will still have to take tests at the University.