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  1. One more reason to stay healthy.
  2. is it oriented or orientated?

    9. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth:and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth. Oh, it's LORD's idea. Genesis Chapter 11 V1-9. Tower of Ba...
  3. Sars

    As reported by WHO of today, a cumulative total of 3547 cases with 182 deaths have been reported from 25 countries. The disease is spreading rapidly in the communities with dense population. According to health authorities in different countries, it ...
  4. Hypertension develops during Haemodialysis

    I think HKnurse trying to say her patient's pressure starts to shoot up toward the end of dialysis. I have one patient having the same condition. She has normal pressure pre-HD and pressure shoots up to 190/90 or even higher one hour before concludin...
  5. Sodium Profiling

    We used to use UF profiling together with Na profiling. We start off with 145 and gradually down to 140. Patients seem to tolerate this quite well but we find patients will become overloaded easily after Na profile. And more patients got admitted fo...
  6. Do RNs declot temporary hemodialysis catheters?

    How about completely blocked catheter? Sometime the clotting is so bad that nothing can go in or out. It's impossible to instill anti-coagulant into the catheter without dislodging the clot. I used to draw the catheter until it collapses with a 20 ...
  7. Na profiling vs. UF profiling

    I have used Na profiling and UF profiling together as well as independently with Baxter and Fresenius machines. I think all the machines would have the same features. kUF is determined in the factory by manufacturer during the investigation phase of ...
  8. Performance Assessment Score

    It didn't reflect bad on my center. In fact, my center was rated as within normal standards and even some with 100% compliance. Our centers are new to the company. Among these 28 centers assessed, there are centers in different countries in Asia an...
  9. Floating Policy Help Needed

    It's nothing personal. And I am a nurse in dialysis and I wonder if my mother was admitted and was having a heart rate of 30. So, is she all right? I mean judging my own mother as a daughter. I agree that "We found that a cardiac nurse and surgica...
  10. Performance Assessment Score

    I have been considering my response seriously for the past two weeks and found out that I did not write this for vengeance or self-defense. Five months ago, our head office (international company) sent someone to our center and audited our center sta...
  11. Crne/nclex

    Oh, I see. I was imagining a Dolly Parton girl with lots of pressure that makes her tireder. LOL.
  12. Crne/nclex

    Thank you for your tips and your blessings, Disher and Tiredernurse. I passed my NCLEX in 1988. But when I study NCLEX exam guide again this year, I find them harder than CRNE. But I will do my best. Anyway, why tireder?
  13. Crne/nclex

    Hi, I am a nurse in Singapore. I am being thinking of emigration to Vancouver. I have been there for holiday and love the place very much. After all the Eng. tests and psy. courses, RNABC has accepted my applciation to write the CRNE. I have been pra...
  14. Lethal injection nurse???

    Why nurses? Do we impress them that we kill everyday just because we face death everyday. Or do they think that we have no emotions towards people's death, or we are supermen and women who can do what ever is left undone. It's nothing to do with wh...
  15. language barriers.........

    Exactly, they will start a conversion asking details if i uttered a few words. I think pictures and cartoons would help. They are universally understood , even by the elderly.