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  1. iheartbabymamas

    Optum "partnership"

    Hello, I am a case manager in the ambulatory/primary care setting who is part a a small community hospital. This week they announce a partnership with Optum. They will be taking over other revenue cycle depts like analytics, some billing etc. The inpatient and outpatient case management, transitional care CMs will be moved to Optum employment, supposedly staying in place in our roles. I can't wrap my brain around how this will work . I had a horrific experience with Humana prior to this job so I am worried. Anyone have this happen to their facility?
  2. iheartbabymamas

    Humana Employees

    Does anyone know if the training dates are flexible? The date they told me is June 22, I'd like to give more notice then that thanks in advance !
  3. iheartbabymamas

    Endo to home health?

    I was offered $33 a visit prn, they pay half the rate for "admin time" in training on paper work classes, I am not sure if this is good or not, they claim I will get as many hrs as I want c an offer of full time at 3 mos. Is this okay??? I am in Colorado
  4. iheartbabymamas

    Endo to home health?

    Any red flags I should look for? What do per visit companies generally pay during orientation etc? I have heard some horror stories but I have good feeling about this company
  5. iheartbabymamas

    Endo to home health?

    I used to work family practice, currently in endoscopy and I hate it. Interviewed today c a HH company. I think i will like it but need some feedback. Things i hate about endo:Early hours,Unstable work loads, Pts not suited for procedure are done anyway, Being stuck in a dark room all day, Being in room with a few of the awful docs, Micromanagement, Seeing so many Pts I can't remember their names from one min to the next. Thoughts?:)
  6. iheartbabymamas

    Looking for LPN school in Colorado

    Does anyone have any inside info etc, about this program? I am seriously considering DSN as I have been further waitlisted to June of 2011. It is obscene to wait so long to finish an ADN. At this point I have all my prereqs and than some. Chucking up the money to get it done now seems more reasonable. Thanks in Advance! Rachel
  7. iheartbabymamas

    Anyone worked for PSA?

    I have seen many jobs with this company but can not find any posts related to this company. Anyone worked or working for PSA healthcare? Thanks! Rachel
  8. iheartbabymamas

    Tell me it will get better!

    I hope it does! I am not sure why they wait on the skills, except half of our class is full time 2 semester and half is part time 4 semester. It is a bit nerve racking to not have had a lot of practice and get thrown in! I had to remove an I.V. yesterday, and it was my first time. I feel a little relieved that I am not full time trying to cope with this while still taking med surg and pharm etc. I really just don't like feeling like an idiot!
  9. iheartbabymamas

    Tell me it will get better!

    Hello, I am in a 4 semester LPN program and currently in my 3rd semester. The way they run it is we basically have clinicals and arts and skills left for the 3rd and 4th semester. Anyway, I finally started clinicals this week on a tele floor. Now I am a virgin to the any kind of medical setting, so maybe thats my problem! The experience so far was awful! The only good thing was the pt. I had! The RNs treat us like crap, the techs are annoyed. I felt completely lost and like I was thrown out to the sharks! The students in my group also felt the same way. I tried to stay out of the RNs hair as much as possible and do what I needed to do. Someone tell me it gets better because I have really enjoyed school until this! ugh, I need a hug lol..
  10. iheartbabymamas

    Planned Parenthood before graduation?

    Thanks for the input! The PP in Colorado do not perform any abortion services, only referral to OBs who do. I have some L&D nurse friends who think I am being paranoid, I am just an over thinking student.LOL I am on scholarship at a local hospital who does not hire new grads onto L&D floor. I think this is why I worry about it! I will owe them 2yrs when I do graduate. Hence the need for some experience, so I might get in as a OB tech or the like. Once again thanks for the response. Rachel
  11. iheartbabymamas

    Planned Parenthood before graduation?

    My main goal in nursing is to be a lactation nurse. I am a student nurse now, and have a fear of being stuck in a dept. that I really will not be relevent when I do graduate. So I am wondering if it would be a good idea to work at the local planned parenthood as an LPN while working on my RN,so I have some OB/GYN experience by the time I graduate. Do you think this would be helpful or not so much? I can see where it could seem offensive to some and don't want it to be construed as negative when I really want to be in Ob/GYN. Does this even make sense?! Thanks for reading! Rachel
  12. iheartbabymamas

    Can't enroll because of tattoo (help)

    I use colortration make up for a port wine stain on my cheek. It is made for covering tatoos so it should work well. It is about $30 a bottle but a little goes a long way!
  13. iheartbabymamas

    Any SAHM's with small kids doing pre-nursing classes?

    I have been taking 2 classes at a time online. I have a 2yr old and a 11mo old and if not for the online option I probably would have a hard time swinging it. My hubby is lazy in the help department so that can be a challenge. I manage to get my reading and posts done during naps etc. I would definitely sugest online classes though, it takes the stress of daycare out of the equation plus you can do your work on your schedule. You have to be self sufficient and organized though. rachel
  14. iheartbabymamas

    Colorado Wait Lists?

    I just went through this whole thread to find more info re:waitlists and its making me depressed. I just got my # for FRCC boulder part time PN program at 89. How long will I have to wait! Does anyone have any idea? SHould I just look into private. 30k is a little rich for my blood! It really sucks that this is such a process!

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