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  1. x_coastie

    Ever worry about your family's safety?

    Thanks to all that replied. You had some great info, just what I was looking for.
  2. I am considering applying for a correctional nursing job (RN), and one of my biggest worries is endangering my family by having prisoners exploit me by threatening my family. For example: "sneak in these drugs or my gang will go visit your pretty dau...
  3. x_coastie

    Help! passing meds in isolation rooms?

    the seven rights include expiration date (of the med, not the patient), and allergies
  4. x_coastie

    Help! passing meds in isolation rooms?

    Thanks! We are in the process of making a policy for this and everything just seemed like a catch 22. It helps to know how other people handle this situation!
  5. Just wanted to know how you pass meds in an isolation room. You must check the 7 rights with the med sheet at the bed side but you can't take the med sheet in the room with you. Any paper (second med sheet, printout etc.) taken into the patient's roo...
  6. x_coastie

    Sad day in the USA

    I am looking forward to the days of "free" health care for all. I can quit my job and spend all day with my kids. I will be able to sleep in and stay up late (no more 03:30 alarms going off.) My wife and I are busting our a$$s trying to get ahead and...
  7. x_coastie

    Confessions of a 30-Something RN Grad

    Thanks so much for posting this! your story gave me a very slim glimmer of hope after I was POSITIVE that I failed with 75 questions. Most of which I had no idea about or never heard about, and the test taking strategies that I learned seemed to be o...
  8. x_coastie

    New Student

    Congratulations for getting into the program and taking the first step to becoming a nurse. I just graduated and nursing programs can be a meat grinder for students. I am not sure how many people we "lost" but there were a lot. The biggest thin...
  9. x_coastie

    ATTENTION NEW GRADS: get e-mails about job openings!

    Thanks, new grads need all the help they can get this year.
  10. x_coastie

    New Graduates

    I live an hour south of Chicago, and this year is not going to be good for new grads. So far there are more new grads than open positions. This economy is going to be tough for a few years.
  11. x_coastie

    Almost graduate looking for a little advice

    Stay with the NICU, if you found something that you love stick with it. even if you have mad med/surg skills now, you can always get them back easily. If your med/surg skills are lacking now than you have nothing to lose. I know that I could improv...
  12. x_coastie

    Job opening says "RN Required"

    I applied two months before we graduate, and I was still behind the curve. I had to call HR to help my application along so I could get one interview. Most people that applied early have had 2 or 3 interviews so far. A few weeks into your last ...
  13. x_coastie

    New Grad Psych Career Path?

    Hello all, I am graduating soon from a ADN program and I have an interview on a Psychiatric floor. What I wanted to know is where do motivated nurses go from there with education and certifications? I plan on staying in school for the foreseeable fut...
  14. x_coastie

    Offered a position in the OR after graduation!

    Go for it. Your ultimate goal is to be in the OR and they offer you a position in the OR? Sounds perfect to me. Getting out of an OR is easy, getting into an OR is hard. With the economy crunch coming up, hospitals are hiring new grads less and less....
  15. x_coastie

    Agency/New Grad- Too risky?

    I concur that this is a poor idea. The agency should not put you in this position, it is not safe for you or your patients. You maybe able to pull it off if the staff really helps you out, but there is no way to guarantee that. The charting, supplies...