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  1. mw4cc

    Las Vegas nursing in the future

    Hey all, I was glad to read this thread as I am trying to get a hospital job in Vegas also and am getting so frustrated at the lack of response from HR. I have 2 yrs experience in L&D (in another state) and I know some of the depts I have applied to are using agency-- yet I can't get through HR to get an interview!! Do I just keep calling them? Call the nurse managers on the unit? Advice, please. I have been working in home health here and want to get back into the hospital. Hawkeye1-- I am from Iowa also and a U of I grad, hello! Did you find a job? Thanks all for any info you can share.
  2. mw4cc

    Las Vegas nursing info?

    I'm an RN with LDRP experience planning on relocating to the Las Vegas metro area; does anyone have info about nursing jobs, salaries, housing, raising a family there (schools)??? Thanks a lot!

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