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  1. Anyone got their CDN certification

    www.annanurse.org '
  2. Dialysis patients who are incontinent

    Ok that's a clarification. But I'll tell you from experience, it's almost impossible to clean someone up in a lounge chair. They can turn in those darn things. With the arm rests in the way. About breaks the care givers back. Been there done that....
  3. Do you have a union? Should nurses strike?

  4. Dialysis patients who are incontinent

    On the surface I agree with you Tweety. My even bigger concern is the patient sitting in a w/c for 4 hours. NOW that is unacceptable. Hope we've given you some insight and good suggestions for the next time.
  5. Dialysis patients who are incontinent

    If you'd read all the posts you'd see that a nurse alone MIGHT have difficulty standing a patient and pivoting them WITHOUT legs onto a bedside commode. What I said was which would be worse a poopy butt or a broken hip? I never said you critized any...
  6. Dialysis patients who are incontinent

    BUT not in the dialysis unit itself. So why not hustle him back to his room and clean him up.. I'd be just as concerned though that he sat bolt upright during his whole treatment in a w/c. They have very little support for that type of process and fo...
  7. Dialysis patients who are incontinent

    I worked M/S before I went back into dialysis. The cath lab had an RN and yes the patient could be gone for 4 hours if they called them early. And many times the X-ray department kept patients for a long time. And had an RN in that department. Is t...
  8. Want To Pursue BSN, but...

    I understand your concerns about raising a child. Sounds like you are a single dad. Parenting is tough as a single person either way. One thing to think about is the important lessons you will be teaching your child by persuing YOUR dreams. Maybe not...
  9. Anything about PPR Travel?

    Many like them. That says something. I hear they give wonderful superb housing. If wonderful superb housing pays your bills; might be worth it.
  10. hello

    Are you heparinizing your dialyzers during prime? If your chambers are filling up too much then you have something clamped either the arterial or venous line before you have turned off your pump or you aren't releasing your clamps when you turn on ...
  11. LPN dialysis nurse in Illinois?

    www.nephrologynursing.net Check the Jan-Feb 2005 issue of Nephrology Nursing Journal under the heading States ...... It lists every state and what LPN's and PCT's can do. If a state won't allow LPN's to give IV meds, i.e. Epo, Venofer, and Zempla...
  12. Do you have a union? Should nurses strike?

    LOL Even the unions themselves don't stick together. :trout:
  13. Do you have a union? Should nurses strike?

    Sorry I was in a hurry and doubled posted... :trout:
  14. Do you have a union? Should nurses strike?

    One traveler to another... Haven't you chosen the former? You aren't union as a traveler are you?
  15. Dialysis patients who are incontinent

    How many years of HD experience do you HAVE??????????? Oh wait a minute. The guy has a broken hip from me standing him up to clean him but he has a clean butt.. For surgery.