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RNshark has 1 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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  1. USM program

    the majority of my complaints are more regarding the administrative side; the program set up (when and where classes are, scheduling, lack of orientation info, etc). a lot seemed to be luck in where and when your clinicals were, and with whom. ther...
  2. USM program

    Hi i just graduated this past august. it was very tough at times, but worth it to get the degree in a short time. I can't say it was the greatest program, but most of the instructors are great. the hardest part is the time management!! but it all...
  3. Problem getting a job in hospital as a new grad?

    Hi~ i just graduated in August, and was lucky to get a job in portland...but it was tough. I applied to MANY, MANY jobs, and all the hospitals in the area... if you are flexible, and put your resume out there, hopefully it won't be too bad as a new...
  4. Rhode Island Hospital

    hi~ i just had an interview at RI hosp today...i am a new grad, and would love to hear some feed back from experienced nurses who work/ed there. i grew up in RI and I can say to all from the UK and out of state, its a great place to live, lots of f...
  5. Croc shoes Worth it? Or forget it??

    are any particular crocs styles better than another? I am thinking of either professional or athens.....thanks!!
  6. stethoscopes

    thanks so much for all of your replies! its confusing with all of the choices....so i appreciate your help :) ~sarah
  7. stethoscopes

    Hi, I just started an accelerated BSN program, and my lab instructor recommended that we go out and get a "GOOD" stethoscope, spending about $100. This caused a little debate among my classmates (some are CNAs). I was hoping someone might be able t...