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  1. antona

    How much are you working?

    I am working three 12's, taking two or three graduate classes a semester and have 3 children still left at home. The youngest is a three year old. I am at the end of my second year, half way there. I am totally overwhelmed and feeling burnt out. But I'm hanging in there. Be prayerful and decide if it's what you really want and if it's what The Lord want for you. If it is, you'll get through it. Hang in there, be prayerful and take it one day and assignment at a time!
  2. antona

    Which specialty?

    The most important thing is to find a specialty that you will enjoy. And remember, most NICU's are located in larger cities, though not always. You are most likely not going to be in a romote area as a NICU nurse. It depends on what you like.
  3. antona

    Which specialty?

    I have been a NICU traveler for three years. I have had no problems finding assignments. My advice to you is to pick a specialty that you will enjoy.
  4. antona

    level III NICU travel

    I've been a traveling NICU nurse for three years. My favorite place has been Anchorage, Alaska.
  5. antona

    Does a travel position like THIS exist??

    Medical Solutions is posting a part time position right now for MO. Plus I know some people just work three to six months out of the year traveling and vacation or "retire" the rest. Faststaff is a great company to do that with. You can make enough with the to not work much during the year, however, you work your butt off during the assignments and the assignments are not at desirealbe places. But people do it! Good Luck!
  6. antona

    nurse licensure compact

    For it!
  7. Go to Delphi Forums and check out the reviews of the different companies under the travel nursing forum. I am currently with RNNetwork and have no complaints. Compare the different companies and read your contract well. All companies are not equall. Some will really mess you over. Many good companies are listed on Delphi.
  8. antona

    Introduction to Statistics Dilemma

    Thanks so much for the info on the classes. I haven't ordered my books yet. I'm going out of town on Wednesday for one week and didn't want them to come while I am gone. I guess I need to call and see how quickly they will come. I would like to order them now if they will take a while to get here. I'm not finding any books yet for that section of Stats either. I even called yesterday and they said they didn't have anything. I'm wondering if they even have a teacher yet. I actually just ordered a computer, if you can believe that. I've always just felt it was easier to go to the library and use theirs. No repair bills or headaches that way. Plus no fighting over computer time with the kids. Hopefully the computer won't come in while I am gone! I can't say I'm really computer savy. I can navigate Word and the Net but beyond that I'm a dunce. I guess I'll learn quickly. My adviser said I should start practicing now sending things in. Kind of nervous about that but she says the college has practice areas and that its not too difficult. PNP is Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I'm actually taking three classes this semester and two the next. The sent me a parttime plan that has me actually part and full time. Scary. Are you just taking one class a semester? Got to run! Personal name of advisor edited out of post. Please do not include names in post.
  9. antona

    Introduction to Statistics Dilemma

    So sorry about your health. I hope everything works out. We'll have to stay in touch. I am starting the PNP program at Mizzou this fall. I elected to take the Statistics class the first semester. I'm very nervous about the whole thing. I'm going to be working full time and they say you can't do that while going to this program. Plus I've never taken an online course. I love your quote by Marie Curie. Sounds like my motto: you do what you gotta do. Good Luck!
  10. antona

    Insurance and traveling

    With all companies you have to pay extra for insurance for your family. Ususally it is very expensive. The best family insurance I have found for the best price is with RNNetwork. And as long as you can show proof that you have insurance now, they will cover preexisting illnesses.