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anitahd has 16 years experience and specializes in ER.

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  1. Was this a HIPAA violation?

    Thank you so much for looking this up. I tried and couldn't find any info on it. And yes from now on I will not ever tell someone where a pt has gone to. I will leave that up to a charge nurse. Thanks again.
  2. Was this a HIPAA violation?

    Thank you for answering. There were two people asking to see the pt. I did ask if they were related and one said friend the other said family. The hospital the pt was transferred to is a psych facility. I don't know if the visitors know that or not. ...
  3. Was this a HIPAA violation?

    A friend/family member came to the ER window and asks to go visit pt xxxx. I looked on the tracker board and saw the pts name but that the room was showing 'dirty bed' so was no longer in that room. I relayed that to the friend/family. They said they...
  4. I did that, was a Paramedic, then became an RN. I worked for 5 years as a medic and during part of that time went to nursing school. I took my books to work every shift and studied. I went to school on my off days. When I became a nurse I was hired r...
  5. Weekend scheduling

    Hi everyone, just wanted to ask if any of you ER nurses work every third weekend? We have to work every other, but management says if we come up with a schedule that is fair for everyone and doesn't short the staffing on weekends then we can do it. ...