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  1. changingcareer

    Still no letter from Macomb

    Well this is good for me.. especially since I am #186 ...... please oh please......
  2. changingcareer

    How many people haven't received their letter yet from Macomb?

    Well... Macomb got my HESI fee... but they WONT be requiring $100 from me... unless 61 people "take a hike" or some other miracle happens. Got my letter yesterday ...... out of 828 ranked applicants, 125 were accepted, and I am number 186.. . oh yipee...an alternate they say.. 61 people... thats not going to happen.... Time to check into other schools... and take my education and money elsewhere.
  3. changingcareer

    Still no letter from Macomb

    I want to say congrats to all of you who have been accepted. I haven't received any letter yet telling me yes or no.... I called the school this afternoon and was told that Macomb was finishing up mailing the letters this week. So.. for those of you in the same boat as I .. keep those fingers crossed still.
  4. changingcareer

    Still no letter from Macomb

    i wish I would have read this.. prior to me sending my pajama wearing wife out to the mailbox while I sat at work hunched over...only to hear those words once again... "Nope..nothing" ..... next week huh... oh yippee can't wait.
  5. changingcareer

    How many of us are applying for MCC's 2007 group?

    Not home yet... wife called though...texted me... nothing in my box either...
  6. changingcareer

    How many of us are applying for MCC's 2007 group?

    yeah.. me too.. (about the registration part) . my wife calls me everyday while I am at my hellish work... telling me... sorry hon... nothing yet....
  7. changingcareer

    How many of us are applying for MCC's 2007 group?

    I don't want to give names out.. .... if you get a female prof from Texas southwestern medical school..named Dr K ..... than.. think real hard about switching classes
  8. changingcareer

    How many of us are applying for MCC's 2007 group?

    I have been checking my mailbox box with excitement and fear everyday for the past week. I need this. I am currently in Micro Bio... the teacher has got to be the worst I have ever seen. The students in class literally speak out loud during class as to how screwed up our class is. She has successfully lowered my enthusiasm at going back to school. If I can accepted in the prog than I will at least have that to keep me going.
  9. changingcareer

    How many of us are applying for MCC's 2007 group?

    I am applying for Macomb CC fall 2007 start. I am hoping that I get in because I really don't know how much longer I can take doing what I do now. If I have to wait another year before I even get a chance, i just don't think I will wait around for a spot to open up.
  10. changingcareer

    MCCVLC LPn to RN program

    I just finished A&P last semester at Center with Dr Scott. She has to be the best prof I have had since returning to school. I loved her A&P. She made it fun and enjoyable.
  11. Which Micro class are you in? I am taking micro M-W 7-10pm at the Center campus.
  12. changingcareer

    Scholarships for male nursing students

    Are you looking for grants overall in any state? or just your area?
  13. You have the ability to use the calculator throughout the exam. You cannot use your own of course. The computer based test has a built in calc that you are able to access no matter which portion of the test you are taking. (I know because I was doing my overall % as I completed each section). They will also give you scrap paper, which they collect before you leave. Good luck to everyone who still has to take it. I wish you all the luck,...granted.... as long as your not taking my spot in the upcoming fall program. but.... other than that... good luck.
  14. I have asked a few people about the percentage requirement, and have never received a concrete answer. So I am unsure if the 85% is true or not. I only have a 3.68 gpa for my last 17 credits of which they will be looking at. I just hope that it is good enough. my gpa would have been higher, however there was some tough times at work a couple of semesters back and I was not able to spend as much time on school work as I would have liked.
  15. Honestly, you could have almost anybody take this test. I feel that it was NOT at all designed for science related, or nursing specific. It was a basic all around test for general, math, vocab, grammer and reading comprehension. I know a lot of people that were studying like mad on their medical terminology to which they have kicked themselves for wasting their time. for once, I am hoping that maybe the fact that I am a guy helps my chances whatsoever. Maybe MCC needs to fill a quota for the next group. who knows...