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ER/Trauma, ICU (All types), CCT
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DavidNurseEMT has 4 years experience and specializes in ER/Trauma, ICU (All types), CCT.


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  1. DavidNurseEMT

    Per-Diem Job, NYC

    Good afternoon, Any suggestions for decent places to pick up per-diem jobs in NYC. I currently work as a flight nurse. I'm looking for either Peds ED, PICU, or a decent adult/mixed ED. I would also consider applying to a good adult ICU (I've worked in all types,) if people have good things to say about a specific one! Manhattan or the Bronx. Thanks for all your help! Dave
  2. DavidNurseEMT

    5 occasions where IV therapy needs two checker?

    1. Heparin 2. Insulin 3. Blood 4. Narcotic Drips (Fentanyl, Morphine etc)
  3. DavidNurseEMT

    PICU questions from PediED

    "Oh, and don't harrass me about when you can bring the kid up; I might have to move another kid, have a room cleaned, change an assignment, the nurse may have to set up the room on her own" It's ok.. I don't mind explaining to parents why their extremely sick child is being cared for on a stretcher in the middle of the hallway, because we are boarding an ICU patient. This is why I love when other nurses (it was even mentioned in this post) think that all ED nurses should have ICU experience, but no one ever thinks that all ICU nurses should have ED experience. Please remember that when your 8-10 beds are full, you don't have to accept any more patients. When our 13 beds are full, we have to put kids in the hallways. We CAN'T stop ambulances from bringing sick children in. That is why I do, and will continue to harass the ICU about bringing the child upstairs.
  4. DavidNurseEMT


    The nurses of St. Vincent Hospital @ Worcester Medical Center held one of the longest MNA Union strikes a few years back. They are definately a union hospital.
  5. DavidNurseEMT

    St. Vincents???

    Hey, where are you guys from? Around Worcester? What floor are you interviewing for/working on? I worked their for a long time in various roles. I can tell you about the floors.
  6. DavidNurseEMT

    RN to BSN- Univ of Phoenix

    Hello, Has anyone graduated from, or is currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix online RN to BSN program. How is the program? For those that have graduated from the program, have you had any trouble applying your degree toward graduate school for example? Please reply! Thanks -David AIM:Starter152