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  1. How long does it take to get over being squeamish??

    Some people never do and others quickly, this is one area where someone else's experience really means very little. What exactly are you sqeamish about? A little more info might help give you an answer worth typing out!
  2. Would you or wouldn't you?

    it is obviously not a petty issue to you! if you do not feel comfortable giving the shot then just explain that because of the way you are licensed it is a problem for you to be administering an injection to a patient outside of your work environment...
  3. I hate nights-feeling depressed

    Hang In there??:balloons: !! I have been working nights for about a year and a half and the only way I can do is is try and get sleep during the night when I am off. I know you said it is difficult for you to do this but I know it helps for me. I k...