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  1. Kapiolani Community College

    We did bed baths on each other, only face, arms, and legs though!! LOL
  2. Kapiolani Community College

    hey guys, as for working while in the KCC program..I think it would be super hard working full time..we have to go to our clinical site on our own after school, then do all this paper work for clinicals the next day.Clinicals are twice a week, right ...
  3. Kapiolani Community College

    Good news, the old classes that you took that are not part of the pre or co reqs for the nursing program are not going to count, the GPR is your grade point average for the pre reqs only. It doesn't hurt to try even though your missing a couple of co...
  4. Kapiolani Community College

    looks like I should learn how to read you did complete all your co-reqs also!! yup, your in!
  5. Kapiolani Community College

    no your 3.97 GPA cummulative or just for the reqs?..they go by GPR..your GPA only for pre-reqs and give extra points for whatever co-reqs you have completed..did you complete all of your co-reqs? either way, your GPR must be pretty high t...
  6. Kapiolani Community College

    This is my first semester in the KCC nursing program. That 155 NLN score rumor is sooo not true. The highest NLN score that I know of in our class is 145. Many students had NLN scores between the mid 120's to the mid 130's. I do know of one classm...
  7. Kapiolani Community College

    I also agree with an earlier post..get your ass back on the plane cuz Hawaii dont need people like you here..BTW, I'm not military but I would absolutely LOVE to go shopping at the exchange or commecery..will they let me shop there if I am not in the...
  8. Kapiolani Community College

    Oh and Calimom, it just seems you have a pure disrespect for Hawaii and our people of ALL races and colors..Most locals never pay over $1080 in taxes in 4 years??, *** is that supposed to mean..Who are you to say that and why would you assume that? Y...
  9. Kapiolani Community College

    I am in the KCC nursing program and I was born and raised here but I am NOT Hawaiian. Why don't you people understand that "local" is not a race and is not to say only "locals" get into the program. To me, being a local means that you were born and...
  10. Anyone work f/t while attending KCC nursing program?

    This is what the program coordinator of the KCC nursing program told us. I assume you do not go to KCC since you are saying this. In the first half of the semester alone, which is LTC, we are learning 52 skills, more than any other nursing program ...
  11. day--you are awesome!! i hope your still surfing this site when i need help:)

    Yes Im a woman reading the male nurses forum, just curious..:) I think the inviting her to a gathering with your classmates is a great idea. If she can talk and mingle with them and see that you are there for schooling purposes only, she might feel ...
  13. Anyone work f/t while attending KCC nursing program?

    I just started the nursing program at KCC and it is pretty intense. It is an accelerated program and is like 4 years of nursing school combined into 2 years. All exams must be passed with atleast a C, and allmath exam scores must score atleast 90%....
  14. Kapiolani Community College

    To All Who Are Offended By My Reply: I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings by my reply but understand that you are not the first to complain about Kapiolani Community College. I think it is unfair to think that because your husband is in the milit...
  15. NP discusses MJ on national TV ????

    as everyone is probably aware, michael jackson passed away last week and there have been rumors of possible misuse of drugs, particularly a sedative used in surgery called diprivan. a nurse of mr. jackson was on cnn talking about a conversation she ...

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