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  1. Cervix

    Hi everyone, I'm a nursing student and just had a quick question that I've always wondered. It has nothing to do with myself. When a female has her period does her cervix dilate any? If it does how many centimeters if any? Since so many women talk...
  2. Volunteer in Tears

    Thank you. It was from the beginning that I felt she didn't like me. Like I said the delivery was awhile ago, and not a big deal--the patient said it was okay for me to be there and everything. My next question is, should I ask to go on the waiting l...
  3. Volunteer in Tears

    Hi Everyone, My name is Marissa and I volunteer in a hospital in the OB department. I am finishing up high school and then planning to go to college for nursing. I know there is another post a few pages down about volunteers and someone mentioned tha...
  4. Job Shadowing

    Hi Everyone :-) My name is Marissa. I am currently a junior in high school in PA. I spend a lot of time with my father who lives in NJ. Being born at St. Peter's Hospital and living most of my life in NJ I really want to go to college there and bec...