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  1. Just seeing if anyone knows anything about the possibility of doing private practice in Ca, if it is possible, and who do you have to cooperate with to get going. Im a long ways away from this but I am curious about how successful a PMHNP can be on t...
  2. BEST/WORST/least__ __online NP pgms?

    Are all of you working while doing the online NP? Full time/ part time? And are any of you completing the NP online in California? Thanks for any info you can give me on this. 91W
  3. Can RNs be self employed?

    Can Rns be self employed and operate like a self registry service? Just curious if anyone does this or knows what you need to do. Thanks.
  4. Anyone know about PMHNP to Psy.d/Ph.d?

    Thanks again for the reply, I was referring earlier to finishing my twenty years for retirement yes, the retirement is pretty good. Half of your base pay + full med for the rest of your life. After treating traumatic injuries and being part of the me...
  5. Anyone know about PMHNP to Psy.d/Ph.d?

    Thank you again for all of the information, I served as a army medic for almost seven years, after my year deployment with 1st brigade stryker combat team in the city of Mosul Iraq, I left the military, moved to California with my wife and three, soo...
  6. Anyone know about PMHNP to Psy.d/Ph.d?

    1911, Thanks for the in depth reply, and yes I (was) a medical specialist. Just got out of the Army in Feb. I had taken a bit a college during my time in the Army and got out with about 80 credits ( I truly enjoy psychology), the bad thing is a...
  7. Anyone know about PMHNP to Psy.d/Ph.d?

    I appreciate all of the input on these questions. Here are a few more if you have any further insight on these matters. 1) Can a PMHNP be an autonomous practitioner, or must they be under MD supervision ? (specifically California), furthermore, if on...
  8. House Call practice in rural areas

    any chance it is on the net or somewhere i could view it?
  9. Are you able to pursue further RN education through the correctional system. Would it be possible to do an online NP program or, would you have to quit to do graduate school. Just curious. thanks
  10. Hi there, Just wondering if working in the prisons is similar to morning sick call in the military. I just got out of the army as a medic for 7 years. I know the morning sick call routine where you check the guys to see who is bs'ing to get out of wo...
  11. NP & House calls in rural areas

    Anyone ever heard of doing house calls as a NP in rural areas and being self employed servicing these populations? If anyone knows anything about Np role in this i would much appreciate some info!
  12. House Call practice in rural areas

    Has anyone ever done or heard of a NP having a house call service for a rural population area and that being self employed doing this? My wife andmyself plan on becoming NP she likes geriatrics and I would like to do fnp/psych. We thought that we cou...
  13. PMHNP or FNP w/ Psych BA?

    Hi there, Sounds like you are in a similar situation as myself. I am going into a BSN program and plan on eventually finishing PMHNP school. A great thing that is happening that I have noticed (from the educational point) is that now you can do NP on...
  14. NP without BSN?

    Thank you very very much for the info, this being true can kcock off nearly 1 1/2 year of extra college for me and allow me to have a diverse perspective in education.
  15. Alternative methods to PMNP?

    Ok, I was searching around and found out from another thread that you can have a Bachelors degree in something other than nursing and enter a MSN program if you meet normal requirments. Usually it will be having your RN and the Bio/Chem pre-reqs. But...