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  1. CB

    Postpartum Depression

    Can't say I've noticed it in my daily practice as an ED nurse but I'm sure if we screened mothers who came to the ED for other reasons ie. a sick child that we would find alot of it. I can tell you that I suffered from post-partum depression myself ...
  2. CB

    chloral hydrate

    We use chloral hydrate all the time in our ED to do pediatric CT scans. We also got nailed big time on our last JACHO inspection regarding our conscious sedation policy and we had to make sure that our Conscious sedation paperwork was uniform thru o...
  3. CB


    Q. What is the generic name for Viagra? A. Mycoxafillin
  4. CB


    You've got that right!!!!! A regular occurrence in our ED.....I've won some serious money at times!
  5. CB


    Our dept. has adopted an on-call system due to recent staffing shortages, increased volume and acuity. Does anybody have any magic advice on how to make this more acceptable to the staff? What has worked or not worked for you? This has been a very...
  6. CB

    quality issues

    The hot topics in our ED right now for QA monitering are Conscious Sedation and Restrain/Seclusion issues. Both are JACHO driven and were hot topics during recent JACHO reviews.
  7. CB

    ? about becoming an ER nurse

    I work in a Level II trauma center that sees 40,000 pts/year. In the past we did not hire GN's but have changed that policy due to all the recent cutbacks in nursing and difficulty in finding nurses to fill empty positions. Those that we do hire ha...