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  1. big_dawg

    Calling All Nurse Chef's

    ever tried a south-african wine? I recommend a merlot from Oudebos probably about US$15-
  2. big_dawg

    What would you do????

    You will always have ppl who will hide their short-comings by brown-nosing or complaining about others. Eventually they will get caught. My advise, find another job.
  3. big_dawg

    Utah suffering severe nurse shortage

    Looks like the nursing shortage is being felt in alot of countries. Here in The netherlands it has come to the point where surgeries are being postponed and complete nursingwards are shut down because of no nurses to staff them. Not long ago we had a major disaster and numerous victims had to be admitted to hospitals in neighbouring countries like belgium and germany where they also are dealing with a shortage. Hospitals were recruiting nurses from south-africa and surinam but legislation put a stop to that because those countries are experiencing a shortage too and recruiters have are now activly recruiting nurses from the philipines. So now we have the US , England, The Netherlands, Australia and who knows wich other countries looking for nurses in the Philipines won't that eventually create a gap there? From what I've heard there are 40 philipino nurses being trained in the dutch language and are ready to start in a few months and more to come. All help is welcome, it gets hard doing a nightshift as only RN on a surgical unit with 25 patients and a nursingstudent to assist. I've applied for licensure in the States and hope conditions there are better then they are here.
  4. big_dawg

    How much do you make?

    staff Rn med-surg The Netherlands/Europe fulltime (36hrs a week) base-salary-$1600- a month medical/dental/vision/prescription 100% salary if sick 30 days paid vacation 3 years experience