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LPN in northeast Michigan (God's Country)

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  1. StirLady

    Teachers and Nurses

    As an Army Waivers Clerk I worked around mostly men. Love this part, I had 135 male recuiters coming to me because their recruits couldn't get in without the waiver. TRUST ME when I say it is not just a female thing. We are just more educationally articulated and more imaginative in how and what we say. Men tend to be more aggressive, combative, take-no-prisoners, and throw it in your face type confrontationally. They also are getting a little (and I stress LITTLE) better at understanding that they can't equate all things with a particular part of the anatomy, either theirs or yours. I did learn to have them eating out of my hand because they did learn that they had to play nice or I would take my toys (typewriter and 'accepted' stamp)to play someplace else. A day of silence while waiting for their waiver worked wonders. hehehehehehehehe.
  2. StirLady

    Very Disturbing

    We have the numbers to fight this problem, we just don't know how to use them. John Engler (MI Gov) gave us some raises in his first term in office, I think to get more votes. He made it look like this would be an ongoing thing like a Cost of Living increase. Then he declared we were in a recession, but the economy was doing good, then came 9-11. Everybody (financers and Wall Street alike) jumped in like sheep to the slaughter. He told our county facilities that due to the recession, they would not get the monies (extra's)promised for increased wages. Funny thing happened then, Iosco County Commissioners/board members passed this information to the county nursing home and hospital. We got about 1.5% to 2% instead of the 5% we received the year before. BUT and here is the interesting point, none of the county workers received the better pay raises, while the Board members VOTED THEMSELVES a 6% increase AND RAISE OUR COUNTY TAXES BY, YOU GOT IT, 6%. What gives. They all LIE to Line their own pockets. When the LTC workers tried to organize a union 7-8 years ago, the facility Administrator showed a video depicting 1920'to 1940's union busting tactics. Yes, I do believe this was illegal, but most of these people really needed the jobs they had and fell off the the band wagon. Some said it took almost 2 years to get off the **** list and started receiving decent evaluations again. This is what we are also fighting. I support nurse who strike for the betterment of their profession, patient care, staffing ratios, etc. However, I also get myself in trouble sometimes with my own mouth. I would join a union that was working for me and the good of my patients, but I am really to scared to start this snowball rolling myself. Stirlady.
  3. StirLady

    S. O. S.

    Congratulations! You have just officially joined the human race and the nursing Profession. You have not been tried in this profession until you have been tried by fire. The trick is to only get crispy around the edges. We have all been in your shoes. And I have more news for you, this was most likely not the last med error you will make. You won't make the same one, but you will have a new opportunity to beat yourself up again. BEAT GENTLY. You will need that energy to expended to help another patient. I suggest you use your computer and a forms program (there are some very good, and cheap ones out there) to devise a personal worksheet for yourself. If you have the potential to have a lot of deaths in your unit one side or the other make some "Cheat Sheet" tables with check-offs to help you finish all documentation needed. But never delete that page, just save it, you may be able to help another nurse by giving her the tool to keep from making that mistake. I am of course referring to the missed step in documentation with your death. With you med error, I suggest that you get just a little/slightly aggressive with the people who have your charts and MAR's when you need them to do your job. Sometimes I feel like I have to look at an order 3-4 times to insure in my own mind that I do see it, as well as all the other R's involved in the med chain. I have called Dr's for clarifications of orders, one that sticks out started printing because I told him "honestly, DR, I can't read your writing". As for the other nurse noting the order, ask for help, but never assume he/she will do it. Also, all of us must remember that sometimes you have to pass something on to the next shift, because most facilities FROWN on OT. CHIN UP, YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS AND ALL TRIALS BY FIRE. Stirlady.
  4. This is a very good and most likely workable theory. Most families would prefer this model. I have seen it working in the rehab and hospice environemnts. The only problem I see right now is that the American Public bought the idea's of the Johnson Administration whole heartedly. We has providers, must re-educate the public. This will not be easy because we have become so used to the idea of the easy way out. Granny must go to the old folks home because we don't know how to care for her. I found it fit my family lifestyle better when my Father-IL lost his leg to have him home getting rehab than to feel I must go to the home every day for two months to visit on my days off. I work in the same NH he recouped in. So I felt like my facility OWNED me. I began to feel resentful, and had to fight these feelings. I felt like I could take a sigh of relief when he came home for the continued rehab. In general, we the American Public are still ignorant of any options. Do you think the medical field is intentially keeping us that way?
  5. StirLady

    Utah suffering severe nurse shortage

    What is wrong with the attitudes in this thread? First of all, we seem to have some real misconceptions regarding Utah. Most people would not want to leave families and areas they are familar with to go to a state we consider almost as cold as Alaska. I really don't beleive it has anything to do with the history of the LDS. Consider this, I could be wrong but, I think that Utah or at least that area, maybe wyoming was one of the first states to give women the vote. And Pleeeeaaaasssseeeee, poligomy is not that prevailant. NO I AM NOT FROM UTAH OR A LDS. Just a history buff that is also a nurse. And as far as the overseas question, I have heard that is very difficult to come into nurse here from another country. But after watching major news programs, and my own demographics in my own little piece of geography, we do seem to be stealing Doctors, because our own do not want to practice in small towns where they can't make 6 digit plus incomes. I would submit that it is not the nurses that are going to make the cost of health care go up, but instead it is the management, suppliers, Doctors, diagnostics, all those 4,6,8,+ year consultations needed to tell us what we already know is best for our patients "because they have the degrees". We are the chosen REDHEADED STEP CHILDREN because we care and are providing the care causing OT costs. The other problem in my facility causing OT is co-workers (nurses whom are supposed to be responsible) deciding "Gee, I don't want to go to work today, or I have a hang-nail, or other excuses" and call in. I have never worked anywhere before were this was tolerated. The response from our facility seems to be "you have had this many tardies or days of call-ins, so we are going to give you a couple of days off". Make sense to you? Not to me, who comes to work every day I'm scheduled. They didn't care enough about their bottom dollar to come to work in the first place, why would a little less money matter later? I have not seen to many BSN's (forgive me for this one all of you good BSN's reading this) actually get out on the floor and wipe a butt or hold an emisis basis. So why worry about the nursing shortage on the top side first. Give us some incentives like retirements, retirement health beni's, sign-on bonuses that have some teeth in them, and wages that really make us want to come to work and stay. Thanks for letting me VENT!!!!!!
  6. StirLady

    The big bad word: unionization

    I am relatively new to the area I live in with only 1 1/2 years living here and 1 year under my employment belt in this area. However, I wonder about some of my co-workers and their intelligence levels. Having been raised around UAW teritories all my life, I have seen the good and the bad of the unions. When I came to my current employers, I started to ask some questions in the process of getting to know my facility and co-workers. I was horrified when I was informed that the last time a union was attempted, not only was it highly discouraged and label as the devil or at the very LEAST it would cause massive unemployment, the administrator ran a video about the union wars of the 20's and 30's. My first question to my co-workers was if any of them were aware that this was an intimidation tactic and against Federal Fair Labor Laws if I wasn't mistaken. For the most part, they were all afraid of loosing jobs, and one commented that it took her TWO YEARS to get of the SSSSSSSSS LIST. With horror stories like these, managments are assured of a very complacance work force, but the patients suffer due to lack of empathy, ethics, and desire to give the add extra effort most of us prefer to give our patients. Just my thoughts.
  7. StirLady

    Pain scale (Rated R)!!!

    I have mixed feelings about this topic. While I giggled and rolled on the floor with everyone else over the first writing, I ponder over my own experiences. I believe that with all of us in different scopes of practice (ER, ICU, RECOVERY, LTC, HOPSICE) we need to keep in mind that not all flowers are a rose. In hospice the patients need the medications, with LTC most times it is a nurseing judgement/assessment that the patient must be in pain. I see difference of opinions in this area often where I work. It begins to make one wonder. I had an ADON recently remark, after I brought up the subject of using a SUBQ port instead of turning our pt's into pinchusions because of an increase in MS inj med Rx's lately, the comment was "I know we have a nurse who is med happy for her pt's". I was so shocked that probably for the first time in my life I WAS WITHOUT WORDS!!!!!!! THINK SHE MISSED THE POINT? I do. Moving on though, I wonder how long it will be before we begin seeing charges against the medical community for OVER MEDICATION again. Isn't that one of the reasons most of the mental institutions had such a bad rep and were de-institutionalized? COMMENTS PLEASE.
  8. Let me be the first to invite you to Northeast MICHIGAN, specifically the Tawas'. We need experienced nurses to work with us. We, the full time nurses on the 2nd shift are all little practicing nurses or as a couple of our aides (not the bright ones) say the FAKE nurses. Either way we ignore the idiots who say these things. But this LTC is expanding to add 28 more beds and doesn't have enough of any nurses to cover all the shifts. Soooooooo........ come work with us!