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wife, mother of 2, returning to school after 14 years

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  1. nytxmom

    Saginaw, TX info, please!

    My husband and I lived there about 8 years ago just before the big growth spurt. At that time it was a small town. You have a community college in your back yard and a hole in the wall Mexican restaraunt called El Sombreo. It was our favorite eating place. They had a train and grain festival and if I remember correctly was in October. You have Main street that runs north from down town Fort Worth. I think what my husband and I miss most about Saginaw was going to sleep with the train sounds and our good neighbors. Like I said Saginaw has changed alot in the past 8 years.
  2. I was at a flu clinic and a fellow student injected into the deltoid without aspirating. When they pulled the needle out it started bleeding pretty good. I watched her do the land marks and thought she was in the right location but wasn't able to say anthing intime before she injected. What adverse affects are possible from doing this?
  3. nytxmom

    Wild Color Stethoscope?

    Orange is for me! I spent many days scouring catalogs and on line for an uncommon color so it wouldn't walk off but all I saw were the usual dark colors or flourescents. I then went into my local scrub shop and found the perfect color for me. Orange, a pumpkin orange. I don't think that your steth. color will make patients and other nurses think less of you.
  4. nytxmom

    Being "Mom" and "Student"...

    Reese19, if this is something that you truly want with all of your heart you will find ways to make it work. I have been a SAHM for 11 years. My children are 11 and 5. During the last 2 1/2 years I have been going to school part time taking 2 or 3 classes at a time and 5 of my pre req. classes I took on line so that I could be home as much as possible. The only days that I ever actually went to a campus was on Tuesdays and Thursdays while my youngest was in mother's day out at my church from 8 a.m.-12. I start full time this fall and I am terrified but I know I need to be flexible along with my family. I at times wonder if I can handle the pressure but I know that I will for three reasons. #1 I am doing this for MY SELF because "An educated woman has choices." #2 I want to be a positive role model for my children and nieces. #3 I will never again let fear keep me from doing something that I would like to do. You can do this!
  5. nytxmom

    Stethoscope hurts my ears!

    Marilynmom is right, spread the ear pieces apart so that you can loosen the tension.
  6. nytxmom

    What are people like?

    Texans are very friendly for the most part; many know no strangers. Texas is laid back but the smaller towns are even more relaxed. Don't be surprised if standing in the grocery store line you get angry because the cashier and their current customer are having a long conversation; you would have thought they were life long family friends...how's your mom, where are the kids, and so on. Texans are very family oriented, family usually comes first over work. I realized this last opinion after moving to Maryland from Texas. We didn't last long up there before moving back home to Texas. Hope you enjoy your experience if you do decide to move this way. Linda
  7. nytxmom

    If You Got Your Letter Post Here!!!

    DATE RECIEVED: End of March--Specific date?? PROGRAM: ADN SCHOOL: Trinity Valley Community College STATE: TX WHEN: Fall 2006 :balloons: :cheers: I was so happy! This was my second time to apply. During the wait between the application periods I started working on the basics for BSN.
  8. nytxmom

    Trinity Valley Community College?

    Just received my accpetance letter for the ADN program at TVCC a few weeks ago. Is their anyone out there who has tips/suggestions about this program? Many Thanks!