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  1. Helene, That is very interesting -- I attended an open house at Northeastern and liked the woman who gave the talk about direct entry programs. I'll be attending more open houses in the months to come to get a better idea/comparison to other schools. I'll take a look at U Mass/Lowell as well. To be honest, so far I haven't considered schools outside of the city for the pre-requisities because I live/work in the city and it is difficult enough to leave work 'on-time'. Regards, Becky
  2. Chantelle, Thanks for the response! If you don't mind sharing the name of the instructor at BHCC, would you PM that to me? I haven't found many good options in the area for this over the summer but if the instructor is the same I'll start looking harder. I've heard that many Harvard Extension courses are good -- I'll look for that one for the Fall. I'm a little concerned about workload if I take A&P. So you decided to get all your classes out of the way except A&P first then? re: patience -- well, by the time I seriously started thinking about this it was too late for entry Fall 2006. It's a tough decision for me as I make a good salary and don't hate my work -- just really looking for something more meaningful.. and healthcare has been a long-time dream that I thought was unachievable. Regards, Becky
  3. Jess, Thanks for the response! That helps a lot! When I started looking at programs and looking at the list of pre-requisities I started feeling like it would take 3 years to even be able to apply to programs! I understand the need for them and am looking forward to taking them, but it felt very daunting as I have a very demanding day job that often requires unpredictable night and weekend hours. Knowing I have flexibility with taking some of them as online courses helps a lot. Regards, Becky
  4. So I'm starting to get all my eggs in a basket to apply to Direct-Entry programs for Fall of 2007. I'll probably be sticking with schools in Massachusetts, as I'd rather not move and have close friends and family here. Good thing there are several good programs here as well as all the hospitals for good clinical experience! I have a biochemistry B.S.and have taken a lot of chemistry and microbiology, so will leave those until last tho I should get a refresher. Two non-science courses that seem to be required by several of the schools in the area that I'd be applying to are (1) statistics, and (2) developmental psychology. I've found an online course for statistics at BYU and a class called "Human Growth/Development" at a local community college and I'm trying to get syllabi to give to the relevant schools. I'm thinking of taking A&P at Northeastern's continuing ed school over the next year (3 sections, 1 per quarter). This is a little more expensive than the community college, but I'm not sure about the quality at the community college and don't want to skimp on this.. tho I have nothing to backup this statement. Any thoughts? Does anyone else have a favorite place or places (online or IRL) that they've taken some of these pre-reqs? I realise some of these you can take the summer before at some schools, but I'd like to work through as many of them as I can before then. Also, I'm trying to find some NPs to shadow.. I emailed a few friends who have friends.. but nothing coming out of that yet. Will try my doctor's office. Any suggestions on how you found this? I'd rather not cold-call people. Thanks for reading! Becky edit: and I just realised that perhaps I should have put this in the pre-nursing student forum? If so.. let me know and I'll repost.
  5. pachouly

    PhD in chemistry => NP. Sane change?

    Dear Almost, I'm in a similar situation. B.S. in Biochemistry; worked in labs for several years. M.S. in I.T. and been working in software for 5 years. Thought about med school during college/post-college but convinced myself I didn't have the grades or drive. Now as I'm unhappy with my current career choice, I find myself coming full circle back to medicine. The excellent quality of care I've received from N.P.s in my own experience compared to PCPs is leading me to nursing rather than medical school. I'm currently planning to to apply to direct-entry programs for Fall 2007. I'm 31; my SO and I are talking about getting married, buying a place, having kids, so this is not a decision I'm taking lightly either. I've signed up for volunteer orientation at a local hospital and planning to shadow some NPs in the area in different fields so I feel confident this is the right decision. Crazy? Maybe.... but the way I look at it is if I don't follow my dreams right now, in 5 years I'll be that much older and not any closer to where I want to be. Good Luck! Becky
  6. pachouly

    Direct Entry Programs- How hard to get in?

    I'll be applying to Boston-area schools: looking at BC, MGH, NEU, Simmons. I'd never heard about Regis until reading these forums so I've got to do some research there. I'm not 100% positive on what field I'd want to do the MS in, so evaluating schools based on the strength of that isn't working so well right now. Leaning towards pediatrics/acute care pediatrics. Becky
  7. pachouly

    Direct Entry Programs- How hard to get in?

    Jess, Were there any issues for you with using online courses for your pre-requisites? While I don't have a family, I work a lot of unpredictable hours and it is difficult to fit in classes. I was looking at BYU's course catalog and thinking of taking statistics and some psych classes there. Regards, Becky

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