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Behavioral Health
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CIWA specializes in Behavioral Health.

I work as an RN at a facility that deals with alcoholics and drug addicts

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  1. CIWA

    Deer in the headlights pain assessments

    Try doing a pain assessment on an Opiate dependent patient in an Alcohol/Drug Rehab facility...not exactly the easiest thing to do...everyone is a "10."
  2. CIWA

    Addiction Nursing

    I have been an RN in addictions for the past 23 years, dealing with both make and female populations. Personally I would prefer to deal with males OR females because you tend to have many difficulties with both sexes. I would think that the only problem you could have with women would be that of competition...be it regarding appearances, story, or "poor me." This type of nursing has its rewards when you are able to make some kind of change in someone's life. There is always going to be the person that relapses. They just need an extra amount of compassion which they do not receive on the outside. I wouldn't give this up for anything!:)

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