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  1. pattycakebaby

    ADN vs. BSN for Entry Level Nursing

    Yeah, this thread was for a paper. My personal opinion on the subject is to let nurses decide if they want to further their education formally, whether it is BSN, MSN, PHD, etc. But, I think that ALL states should adapt mandatory education/CEU's. No matter what level of education we're at in the health industry, we always need educational updating/lifelong learning to keep up with the rapid pace of change in our field. Education is a good thing, it empowers us with confidence and competence. AND...we are NEVER too old to learn - take it from me, I'm 52 yrs. old, about to graduate with my BSN, and going on for my MSN-Nurse Practitioner track this next fall!
  2. pattycakebaby

    ADN vs. BSN for Entry Level Nursing

    The new push is for all nurses to be baccalaureate prepared, eliminating the 2 year associate degree program. Given the current and future nursing shortage, what is your opinion?

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