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Variety of experience including Telemetr
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SUSANNAH CRNP has 20 years experience and specializes in Variety of experience including Telemetr.

Looking for more info on the Vicki Mallazzo CLNC Program

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    Moral dillema

    I work in a LTC facility as a CRNP and often times I am in charge of the end of life issues even if I order hospice. I have had the scenario of an elderly 80's something patient with aspiration pneumonia on almost a weekly basis. If the antibiotics have not worked early in the course of the illness, they are not going to. I routinely give all my dying patients orders for Roxanol which is liquid morphine sublingually or a Morphine Drip. This helps them die comfortably and in peace without gasping for their breath which is an awful thing for the family to watch. As for the B/P, I do not take the B/P at all but rather use tachycardia or tachypnea as markers for medicating these patients. Re the DNR without having spoken to the family---this is illegal and should be reported.

    Thinking about CLNC

    Hi! I am a CRNP with TNTC years of both RN and much less CRNP experience. I currently work for a physician in a LTC setting and am looking to do the Vicki Milazzo Institute Program to get my CLNC. I sent for the packet with the intro DVD and book and am considering doing the Home Study Program. I am interested to learn from others if this is a good route to go or not. I know there are also college level programs but I don't think that would work well for me. I work full time (actually 50+ hours per week) and have four kids. I have one in college now (age 20) and one starting in August (age 17) and both 11 and 13 year olds. It will be painful to dish out all that money but I really have to look to change my job situation. I would appreciate any advice/info anyone could give to me. I am literally on the verge of just biting the bullet and sending for her program. HELP!!!!!!!

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