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  1. blue_cheez

    OR Nursing Journal?

    hi guys! just wanted to ask if you know of any Nursing journal/magazine specifically for Perioperative Nursing? i'm really interested in subscribing to one but just don't know which or where to go to. hope you could help me out. thanks a lot!
  2. blue_cheez

    any FILIPINO members here?

    hey thanks! its nice here although sobrang maulan this past month! hehe! yup, there's quite a number of Filipinos here & yup we do have Jollibee and Red Ribbon! i haven't actually seen a Goldilocks branch but i heard there is one too. we just moved here too, so we still have a lot of exploring to do! but so far, everythings good!
  3. blue_cheez

    Retention of OR nurses

    hey guys, based from your experiences, what are the factors that retain OR nurses & keep them happy? any suggestions are very much appreciated! thanks!
  4. blue_cheez

    any FILIPINO members here?

    hi guys!!! i'm new here & yup, i'm from the Philippines too. came here to the US last december 2005 & i've been working since january this year in SF. i'm glad to know you guys are actively participating in forums such as this. hope we all could help each other out, whichever part of the world we're currently in!...hehe

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