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    Med error could cost my job? Need help!

    hi this is a really ugly situation. i had something much more serious happen to me, and it turned out ok. i was working in a nuring home as a unit manager for a temp agency. the drug delivery arrived as i had an aide come to me with the info that a patient was experiencing extreme pain. i asked the aide to stay with the drugs while i went to the patient. when i came back and went to log in the drugs there was a whole card of vicodin missing. i had already signed for everything. the facility did an investigation reported it to the board as they had to. i had no prior incidents of any medication errors or missing narcs so they found me not at fault as far as the missing drugs but reminded me to use protacall re accepting drugs. they later found out that the person who delivered the drugs had not even delivered them, but because i had signed without finishing the cross check i was in violation of protocal. it may be hospital policy to put persons on administrative leave when this sort of thing happens at that facility. you should ask, if you have had no previous problems this should work out. by the way i hope you have good liability insurance. if you don't let me know and i can help you. keep me posted. if you have worked at this facility for 6 years you should have many people that can vouch for you. dawn
  2. How about liability insurance for us since a lot of hospitals are self insured any we may not be covered at all, and the ones that are not usually cover only about $5,000 to $10,000 and decide if you will get a lawyer if you don't have your own liability insurance!

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