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  1. ok thx... I have questions about the application process.... am I correct if I send my application for california comprising of... a.) the application form ( 2 pages ) b.) the payment c.) a copy of my diploma d.) reason for not having a licence e.) Hard Card Now, is it ok if I send it via Fedex or does it have to be sent via regular mail only? is a local licence required? or a diploma is enough.... thank you...
  2. then how would I be given an SSS# if I still don't have licence? Can I take the nclex exam with my SSS# for follow up?
  3. HI, am a fresh graduate nursing student. am thinking of ways on how to hasten my application for nclex. I'm applying for california state licensure exam. I have a question would it be possible if I send my application in us through my friend whose going to us a few days from now but with a return adress here in the philippines? can I send my application even with my HARD CARD? How do I obtain a HARD CARD?

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