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nurse with cats has 20 years experience and specializes in ICU, ER.

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  1. nurse with cats

    Hello fellow missourians!!

    Hi all...I'm from Tulsa, coming to Missouri for a travel assignment...Springfield seemed kind of wild, so I'm going to Osage Beach...I love St. Louis, but I don't want to be that far from home right now. I'm really looking forward to this!
  2. nurse with cats

    michigan info

    Hi...we are moving to MI this summer, probably around Pontiac. Can anyone tell me about pay, perks, etc? I've been a nurse for 20 years and am making 25.50 base here in OK. Thanks.
  3. nurse with cats

    ok tax commission

    Hi fellow Okie Nurses! After 20 years as an Oklahoma nurse, I am essentially being exiled by the OK Tax Commission! They have blocked my license renewal, and are unwilling to accept a payment plan from me. I've been working on this since last fall, and my license expired 3/31, so here I am. I can either stay in this godforsaken state and work for min wage, or go travel nursing. Thank God I have licenses in other states! Has anyone else had dealings with the OK Tax Commission?
  4. nurse with cats

    Is this standard procedure?

    That's 1:6 on night shift, which isn't bad at all. It can be intimidating to be in charge at first, but you have the house supervisor for backup. You did mention to them that you were willing. You should have been oriented to charge first, but shoulds fall by the wayside when everyone is so short-staffed. If no one died, pt or nurse, I would say you did OK. It will get better.
  5. nurse with cats

    osage beach

    Hi all! Getting ready to start assignment in Osage Beach MO? Has anyone been there?
  6. nurse with cats

    1st travel assignment

    Hi all! If I'm going to be in a furnished 1 BR apt (linens, etc included), how much $$$ should I bring with me to get by until my first check, almost 2 weeks? Also, what is a must to bring with me, and what could I probably do without? I know everyone is different, just trying to pick some brains. Thanks.
  7. nurse with cats

    Aureus Medical

    sorry, what do you mean by "cold call?"
  8. nurse with cats

    Nurses week Cheap gifts from admin.

    I've always bought myself a gift for Nurses Week. It bothers me for every other category of employee to horn in on our week, yes, they are valuable, too, but they aren't NURSES!!! I make sure DH knows when May 6 is too!
  9. nurse with cats

    White Pants Underwear Woes

    When I have had to wear whites, I have bought white twill pants, pull on, elastic waist, at K-mart or Wal-mart in the spring and summer months. That fabric is heavy enough to provide modesty.
  10. nurse with cats

    Daily??? Newer nurses need "stand up" help!

    If it's on the Kardex for 2000, I don't see why there would be any discussion...if someone treats you that badly, I think it's OK to set limits, i.e. "I'll finish report when you are able to speak to me properly." If you can't get any support, you can transfer to another area, they aren't all populated with nurses that selfish and mean-spirited. You are your own best advocate!
  11. nurse with cats

    license endorsement after a discipline

    Generally the Board in your home state will send info about your situation to the requesting Board. If the matter is settled, you can probably get endorsement. I would contact the states where you are interested in going, just to see how things seem...you don't want to pay endorsement fees only to be turned down. Take care!
  12. nurse with cats

    Aureus Medical

    Hi all! Has anyone heard of this agency? They seem friendly and efficient through the application process & haven't tried to interest me in Timbuktu contracts, they listened to where I wanted to go & are finding me opportunities there.
  13. nurse with cats

    No Response from hospitals I summitted to...NEED ADVICE

    I think that if you really want to travel with this company, stay with them. Otherwise, you could probably find another company to place you sooner.

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