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Married mom of 2 girls 3 and 5

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  1. Shari33

    Pulled In Too Many Directions

    I hear all you are going through and would like to offer some help...I live in CT too and currently work for 2-1-1 Child Care Infoline...my agency is a not for profit, child care referral agency for parents in need of child care. It is a free service and we refer parents to licensed child care programs that can provide care for children birth to 12 years old. You also may be eligible for the child care subsidy program, Care 4 Kids, which is available to help working parents pay for child care in CT as long as they are income eligible. You just dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-505-1000 and they might be able to help you with your child care needs. Good Luck!!!
  2. Shari33

    Not sure which direction to take...LPN or RN

    Beth, I selected NETI in Shelton for LPN...I forgot to add that to my last post
  3. Shari33

    Not sure which direction to take...LPN or RN

    I am also in Fairfield County...I thought about working and doing the night program at Bridgeport Hospital but it has been so long since I was in college and I want to focus 100% on school...and try and find time for the husband and kids too:-) I am just afraid that trying to work and go to school will be next to impossible. I plan on saving as much money as I can now and then starting school in Fall of 2008
  4. I am 36 yrs old and have my BS in Psych and my MS in Counseling. I graduated from college in 1991 and grad school in 1994 so my course work won't be accepted in either a LPN or RN program...all programs require prerequisite coursework to be taken within 5-7 years of applying to the program. So I am ready to have to take alot of entry level courses that I took already. Here is my dilema...I am the primary breadwinner and hold all medical benefits for my family, my husband and 2 daughters, 3 and 5yrs old. I am willing to quit my job to dedicate 2 years to nursing school but I am unsure which direction I want to take...LPN or RN. I have read so many great posts, some say go for LPN because you get so much experience before going for RN but others say jump right into the RN program...I would like to be able to get a job as soon as possible and I thought if I went for LPN I could get a job faster then maybe the hospital would pay for me to get my RN...I live in CT and both hospitals in our town has great LPN to RN programs. These are all the things I have to consider and was hoping for some advice. Thanks so much , Shari

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