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  1. kris_nurse

    "recaptured" 50,000 numbers for Schedule A

    thanks for the info lawrence! it's hard to really plan a career with the retrogression in place. but i'm still pushing forward, one step at a time.
  2. kris_nurse

    "recaptured" 50,000 numbers for Schedule A

    hi suzanne4, i don't understand the "recapturing". what does this mean? --- that there is still retrogression?
  3. hello, i'm new here. Ms. Suzanne, i would just like to ask about licensing in california. I am a nurse here in manila and i intend to take the nclex this june in hongkong, if i pass it, what document will CA-BON issue to me and how long will it remain valid before i can claim my permanent/hard license in california. I don't understand the social security number requirement to get the hard license. I've been looking for this info in the internet for quite some time and i can't seem to find it. I'm planning to take the nclex and ielts and hopefully after passing both, i can start applying to employers in california either through the internet or an agency. I was told that the nclex is only valid for one year until i get to california to claim the hard license because i need the social security number, and i can only get a social security number if i have an employer who will sponsor my papers. Is this true? Please help me. Thank you! kris_nurse

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