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  1. I am an Irish nurse moving to the US. I have done an interview with Memorial Hermann Southwest. I would appreciate any information regarding the hospital, location, staffing, hourly rate of pay etc. if you feel more comfortable sending a PM then pls do. Thanks.
  2. I am an Irish nurse planning to move to the US. I have been offered a job in Med/Surg St.Joseph's Hospital in Tucson Arizona. I would really appreciate any information about this hospital re staffing, location etc. If you feel more comfortable sending a PM please do.
  3. MadRN

    Interview with Loyola

    I am an Irish nurse with an interview scheduled with Loyola. As i am new to the US & to Chicago i would appreciate any information on this hospital -good or bad. If you are not comfortable posting here please PM me as i would really appreciate any information. I am looking for info about orientation, general staff treatment, pay scale & tuition funding.
  4. My I-140 (Schedule A) had a receipt date of July 7th '05 in CSC. It was transfered to TSC on Mar 22nd & i got approved on Apr 13th. Hope the rest of ye won't be waiting too much longer.:cheers:
  5. Firstly i think all of us who filed our I-140's through CSC should be given an explanation as to why they have not processed any application since June '05-other than the fact that they are not doing their job. I think the transferred applications should be processed by receipt date as that is the length of time that the USCIS has had our applications sitting waiting to get processed. All the CSC should be cleared before processing any new applications to TSC as we will still have had a longer wait time. Hopefully for all of us TEXAS will be efficient & get through the backlog quickly so we can all get on with our lives & not be held to ransom by the USCIS any longer
  6. MadRN

    Official News Release - Please Read !!!

    My I-140 (Schedule A) was also transferred from CSC to TSC on Mar 22nd. I had a receipt date of July 7th '05 in CSC. I received an email from USCIS. Has anyone been issued a new receipt date?? I wonder will they treat the transferred applications as PRIORITY as we have been held up by the CSC for so long with no explanation.
  7. MadRN

    Nursing Shortage

    The ongoing nursing shortage in the US is made worse by the lengthy process that internationally trained nurses have to go through to be permitted to work in the US. I am both CGFNS & NCLEX certified since Aug '05. Due to the lengthy wait for I-140 Schedule A approval (California service centre) i am still waiting to move to the US. My application was transferred to the Texas service centre on Mar 22nd so who knows how much longer it will take. Immigration certainly does not do the nursing shortage any favours.

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