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  1. pekinsweety86

    A&P 1 - Spring 2009

    Hey thanks, I am taking A &P 1 this spring too...I started the class in fall 2006 and ended up dropping it b/c I wasn't prepared or focused enough and didn't want to hurt my GPA or my chances of getting into nursing school, so maybe I can do it right this time!!!
  2. pekinsweety86

    They are trying to force the DTaP vaccine on me.

    This may be kind of off topic, but I have to disagree. I am allergic to very few things and the DTaP vaccine made me break out in hives for a week this past September......(yes, I am sure it was the vaccine, was the only new thing introduced into me at that time)
  3. pekinsweety86

    Is this really doable?

    Hello to all!! I am a lurker on this board and have been for many years, but now I have a question. I am a pre-nursing student, but I am also 34 weeks pregnant, am due Aug 28 (YEAH!! :balloons: almost there). I want to take classes since I dropped my classes in the spring due to my pregnancy. The classes I want to take would be A and P 1 and another online gen ed class, and they would start on 8/18. The A and P class I am looking at meets 2 nights a week, one night for 4 hours and another night for 2 hours. Would this be feasible with a newborn?? I know I am going to be beyond exhausted and am going to have my hands full with him, but the problem is is that I need to take an A and P class in order to apply to the nursing program for Spring of 2010, and the application is due 2/15/09!! Otherwise I will have to wait to apply until Fall of 2010..... The other upside to taking classes (I hope) would be I could pull some extra $$ in loans for living while I am not working, b/c I won't go back to work until at least October 10...... Any advice y'all have would be wonderful.....I really don't know what to do!!
  4. pekinsweety86

    A&P without Bio and Chemistry????

  5. pekinsweety86

    Pregnant but Negative Urine Preg?

    Theoretically that is what happens. I have been on birth control pills for a total of about 18 months, and have been pregnant twice....and the side effects from the pills had NOTHING on the symptoms of pregnancy.
  6. pekinsweety86

    Chemistry Help

  7. pekinsweety86

    I have a strange request

    I think it is the proper edition. I found a copy of the table of contents online and it matched mine perfectly...
  8. pekinsweety86

    I have a strange request

    I have a very strange request for you guys. I ordered my math book online and lo and behold I missed the words *SPECIAL EDITION* when I ordered. :uhoh21: What I would like is for a few people to post random problems on this board with the page and problem number so I can check them with my book. I am hoping that all the problems are the same b/c school starts in 2 days and I don't have time to order another one before it starts. The book is Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, Second Edition by Mark Dugopolski ISBN #0073019313. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this. I wanted to cry when I opened the envelope
  9. pekinsweety86


    I am a certified CNA but I really don't like the work, mainly because the place where I worked put me on hall by myself everyday and I could almost never get help. In the end, it hurt my back too much to keep working as a CNA...I am still looking into CNA jobs, but since I haven't worked as one in the last 6 months, most people won't hire me.
  10. pekinsweety86


    well, i've been lurking around this board for a few months now, and now I have a question...would it be worth it to obtain a certificate in phlebotomy before beginning nursing school? I am just starting out and have the full 4 years ahead of me...i am thinking about doing this so I would have a way to work myself through school. At the school I am going to, it would only take 9 sem hours to sit for the certification exam, so it wouldn't be a major set back....
  11. pekinsweety86

    What classes are you taking for fall?

    I think I will be taking Chem, A&P 1, Psych, Intro to Phil, and College algebra...yea i will be busy
  12. pekinsweety86

    Any class of 2010 ten getting there BSN

    I'm joining too!!!
  13. pekinsweety86

    Chemistry 2006/ 2007 Club***

    I'll join...I'm taking Chemistry for nursing in the fall...
  14. pekinsweety86

    Has anyone recently taken Comparative Religions?

    I only had to write one paper at the end of the semester, but it really depends on the teacher.
  15. pekinsweety86

    Has anyone recently taken Comparative Religions?

    I took it during the spring. It was really interesting...I enjoyed it. And its not quite as deep as it seems...

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