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  1. Green:)

    Atheist or Agnostic?

    Question for the Catholic believers: If you have children... lets say boys... How many of you would let them be an Altar Boy? And what does the Pope does to prevent the abuse?
  2. Green:)

    Atheist or Agnostic?

    he he i like that. there are a lot of religious people where i work. ghhh... i try to keep my mouth shut when i hear them talking about it. sometime it's not easy if they expect me to share their view. i don't care what anyone believes in, as long they don't make me share it. i watched one program on tv about brain "wiring". one part of our brain is responsible for "religion". so, it helps me to be more understanding and tolerant of my religious co-workers. myself, i believe that there is another power that we can't explain yet and don't know exactly how it "operates" but it has nothing to do with pope. from my observation "religious" doesn't necessarily mean honest, positive, or caring.

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