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Jennern specializes in tech in Trauma Unit.

Jennern's Latest Activity

  1. Jennern

    Feels SOOOO Good!

    Oh... I will.... I should have the results tommorrow morning!!
  2. Jennern

    Ha HA!

    way to go!!!!
  3. Jennern

    Feels SOOOO Good!

    Why can't I get a reply????
  4. Jennern

    Feels SOOOO Good!

    I am so glad the test is over and my head is not in a book tonight! I hope everyone does well, and doesn't stress too much! I'll let ya'll know when results are in!!! Thanks for all ya'lls motivation!
  5. How about good ole Texas?
  6. Jennern

    Weekend results??

    I took THE test today and it shut off at 75. I was hoping someone could tell me if there is a chance the board would show my license over the weekend? I am in TEXAS... YEEHAW.... at least I survived the test!:beer: :lol_hitti
  7. Jennern

    T system

    I did my last semster clinical at an ER that used the T-system, and I loved it! My charting was simple fast and with a few clicks, the system puts it into a perfectly written and correctly spelled paragraph! I miss it!

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