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malinne has 30 years experience and specializes in OR, Med/Surg, Renal, Oncology.

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  1. Last night our Administrator almost declared an internal disaster to get additional staff inhouse to care for patients. I think that's going a bit too far to provide staffing when they could just be saying "No" to elective admissions to lighten the load. I know they don't want to lose the revenue, but nurses are getting tired of all the overtime--this would be the final straw! We never have enough staff to cover critical care, cardiac areas or to provide one-on-one sitters for confused or detained patients. I don't want declaring an internal disaster to become their 'quick fix' for every staffing issue. Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. malinne

    Chemo caution laundry/linen bags

    Recently I tried to requisition chemo caution laundry bags for our unit. You know...the special heavy weight plastic laundry bags that say "caution: chemo" on the side. Well, our vendor no longer has them. Purchasing has searched and can't find a provider. I can still find the waste bags for chemo trash, but nothing to put soiled linens in. Is everyone still using a special bag for chemo linens? Can anyone point me to a site that sells them or to a vendor?
  3. malinne

    The Today Show

    True, our clothing doesn't distinguish us from other staff. But here, we all introduce ourselves to our patients each morning and tell them, "I'll be the RN caring for you today." I'm a manager, but if I happen to go in to hang an IV for someone when I'm wearing street clothing, I stop and introduce myself as the manager and an RN to reassure them that it's okay for me to mess with their IV. I don't do caps, I don't do white, and I definitely don't do starch!! Nor do I expect that of my staff. I do, however, expect professional conduct.
  4. Angie, That's deplorable, but I know it does happen. I don't understand it. I manage three units and I can tell you--I'll do practically anything to retain my experienced staff or to hire in an RN with experience. I've even had to go up against HR because they didn't want to offer as much as I thought was needed to get a nurse to sign-on. We have quite a few GN's too. But if you just go for the lower $, you sacrifice quality of patient care. There is NO substitute for experience!
  5. malinne

    Dress Codes

    At my hospital we can wear any scrubs we want, but I'm hearing more and more about nurses losing their identity. The argument is that we want to be recognized as professionals, but we do nothing to differentiate ourselves for aides, resp. therapists, etc. I love my scrubs, but I have to admit that I see some validity in the argument.
  6. malinne

    Patient Care Tech duties..replacing Nursing duties?

    We allow PCT's, who are in their last year of nursing school, to start IV's, insert NG's, if they have a skills check-off that they have completed that task and met the goals in their nursing program. BUT...they are still accompanied by, and monitored by, an RN when performing those task in the hospital. Doing so allows them more opportunities to develop their skills--and it helps build their confidence level.
  7. malinne

    Professionalism in Nursing

    There's always a lot of talk (especially at administrative levels) about "professionalism" in nursing. A recent question here was "What can we do to promote professionalism?" I'm not going to influence responses by expressing my opinions...I'd really like to hear your ideas.
  8. malinne

    Nurses week Cheap gifts from admin.

    Let's see...a radio that broke in a week, a coffee cup with logo, a T-shirt, an insulated lunch bag...but this year there's a new Chief Nursing Officer who's holding out for a decent gift or nothing. That gift is supposed to be a nice canvas camp chair. I'm with Stormy on her question. I'm a nurse manager with over 100 employees. I have no discretionary fund for gifts. Christmas is always paid for from my own pocket. I'd like to do something for staff during Nurse's Week, but as a single mom...I can't afford much. Last year I did personal cards to every member of my staff. They seemed to appreciate the time and effort that took.

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