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  1. hello to all! I am a nurse and will be working in Cali before this year ends. WIll learning how to speak Spanish help my competency as a Californian nurse? THank you for all your opinions :)
  2. bernskiw

    How did you prep and were you successful?

    armykitten was impressive! that was helpful! anyway, im still prepping requirements to pass to Cal BON for NCLEX. i have more than enough time to prep for NCLEX. comments here do alleviate anxiety in facing NCLEX. thanks a bunch to everyone! now, let me flip on the first page of my NCLEX reviewer..
  3. bernskiw

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    i just graduated BSN OCtober 2005. it is my second degree. i am 27 and i know that doenst sound old. but i did belong in a nursing class where 80% of students (family and business people who decided to change career with nursing) who aged 30-50 y.o. already (and still doing well in class). there is no age in education. healthy lifestyle helps us in doing better no matter how we age :) so go for it!

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