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  1. rn660r

    Considering a nursing career

    BUCFAN well i was in your shoes. i worked for a very large company making about 60K a year repairing steam boilers and refrigeration units. but i was bored and wanted a change in careers. i had the itch to become a RN so i took night classes to apply to RN school and was accepted. i finished and graduated 2 weeks ago. i was hired before i even finished school at the local hospital making 10K more than my last career. so if i was you, go for it, i would target your RN not LVN of you can. the road will look long, the jurney will be difficult, and it might seem endless. but i you can do it and when it is over, you will be so thankfull that you did. i know i am. good luck!!
  2. rn660r

    Anyone Deaf or hard of hearing

    i have bilateral hearing loss from the military. as for my sethoscope, i have to position it just right. but it has not held me back at all.

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