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  1. MrRN2006

    How many Accelerated RN students?

    I graduated this year from an accelerated program, so I know what you are all going through. My first semester of studying was insane! I used to read EVERY assignment (several 100s of pages each week), then take notes from the book and study class notes. This was a system that worked with my first degree, but clearly would not work in an accelerated program. I soon figured out what I needed to read and what I could skip over. I also figured out that most of my instructors tested from their lectures. You will figure each class out as you go along. Work hard, but work smart. Good luck!
  2. MrRN2006

    Whidden Memorial Hospital or Somerville Hospital???

    I am a new grad and I was lucky to get into one of the major Boston hospitals. Fortunately, I had a connection who got me in for an interview. Human Resources is a tough gate-keeper and I would highly recommend that folks network within the hospitals. Do some research in the hospital that you are interested in and find the floor that you are interested in. Most floors are open to the public and you could pay a visit and try to introduce yourself to the nurse manager. Dress professionally and have a copy of your resume handy. I know some of my peers got a job this way and I have heard first hand from at least one nurse manager that they would love to hire a new grad, but don't get resumes from HR. Good luck!
  3. MrRN2006

    Seeking advice on rotating shifts

    Thanks for all the advice, very helpful! Day/Night rotations seem commonplace here, especially for new grads. I am just trying to find one that won't be too difficult or that I will have the opportunity to rapidly switch to a more steady schedule. Keeping my fingers crossed. I welcome any other postings. Thanks again!
  4. MrRN2006

    Seeking advice on rotating shifts

    Hi folks! I am a new grad intervieiwing for 2 positions. Both are day/night rotations and every other weekend. One rotates every other week. The other rotates 2 weeks day/2 weeks nights. It seems like the 2/2 would be better on the body than rotating every other week, but I would love to get advice from others. Also, one offers self scheduling the other does not. How important is this? I am partnered with no children, so my time is typically my own. Other key items you would look for in a new job offer? Thanks!
  5. MrRN2006

    Kaplan Courses?

    Does anyone have experience with the Kaplan courses? I am trying to decide upon the NXLEX RN Review course or the NCLEX RN *Complete* course. The difference (aside from price!) is in offering an additional database of 1000 questions online. I am wondering if it is worth it? Other's with experience please? Thanks! Keep the faith! We'll all get through NCLEX somehow!

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