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  1. hi everybody. I applied for NCLEX at Vermont. According to their website, I was approved to take the exam last Sept. 13, 2007. What is the next step after this? Am I suppose to pay pearson vue $200 in order to get my eligibility? Or am I going to wait for a certain mail/e-mail before I do that. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. raquiza

    Masters Degree-advice Needed!

    The school is St. John's University in Queens. The program will start on July. Students have to spend one month in Rome, from July to August. St. John's has a branch in Rome. Then they will go back again in Rome a few months before graduation. So that's 2 whole months abroad. The course is absolutely free. We've been doing volunteer work here in the Philippines with a group of missionaries based from Spain. They were the ones who endorsed us for the scholarship. Some of our co-volunteers started a year ago. Their only complaint was the course requires time and effort (ofcourse)... Your advice is highly appreciated...
  3. raquiza

    PWU -Edsa quezon city Nursing school

    i think PWU are not are admitting transferees even if they do i heard they do not credit the units that you have taken from your previous nursing school. IMHO like what the others have said regardless of what school you are going, you should still need to read a lot :)
  4. hello, im from the philippines, im just wondering about what will be the next step after passing the nclex and the english tests? i have no tourist visa. by the way, im also a licensed med tech in the philippines. is it easier to be employed in the u.s as a nurse or as a medtech?

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