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  1. kris_rn

    Pay and jobs in Vermont

    hi there! im interested to apply for a registratin in vermont but i was told that vermont has a high standard of living, is that true? thank you! kris
  2. kris_rn

    Review materials for NCLEX

    hello guys! [color=#556b2f]ive heared so many things [color=#556b2f]about review materials like [color=#556b2f]saunder's & kaplan.. my friends [color=#556b2f]went to a review center instead of [color=#556b2f]kaplan review center because they [color=#556b2f]only focused on laboratories & no [color=#556b2f]guidance from lecturers. from a [color=#556b2f]new board passer like me, do i [color=#556b2f]really need to undergo for a [color=#556b2f]3mos review center? some would say [color=#556b2f]it depends, but if review the study guide [color=#556b2f]how will i know about unfamilar terms [color=#556b2f]or foods and laws? thank you! [color=#556b2f] [color=#556b2f]kris
  3. kris_rn

    New Jersey has made changes

    Hello! Usually how long does the CES takes? thank you
  4. kris_rn

    NCLEX application -- HELP!

    Hi! If i apply for NM where can i get the forms specially the finger print card? thanks!
  5. Hi Suzane! I just wonder if you could help me, Im a RN in the Philippines and im looking for a good agency for USA where they provide the sponsorship for CGFNS, IELTS, and NCLEX-RN.. Its just so hard to find one here, i just can not commint to a certain agency which im not sure if they have already sent nurses to USA.. Can you recommend any? Its better if they have an office here in Manila.. thank you!
  6. kris_rn

    getting an AGENCY or DIRECT HIRING???

    Suzane, I wonder if you could help me find a direct agency that will shoulder my CGFNS, IELTS, NCLEX review + exam and will deduct everything when i get a Job in US, thanks...

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