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  1. Hi! guys i need some help... i am applying for CARNA and right now im kind of confused on the registration-status part of the application. it says there to list all jurisdiction/countries/state i have had registration before... I passed my NCLEX but i registered in California. California does not release the license until you provide the SSN w/c can only be acquired upon working/settling in the US. I dont have the license yet and i dont know if i am considered registered already or not. can i include California in the list or not? need your advice. Thanks!
  2. i see. thanks for the help rafaeltoney & suzanne =)
  3. hi! id like to ask if working experience is a requirement for applying as RN in Canada? If i dont have any experience in hospitals, would they possibly reject my application? and for the Filipino RNs in Canada, you think our curriculum in the philippines are somehow same with theirs? hope you guys can answer. thanks!
  4. Hi guys question here. Im a Filipino Nurse but doesnt have workng experience yet. See its really hard to find work in our country these days bec there's just TOO MANY nurses and the hospitals here cant absorb us all. Anyways my husband was able to find a work in Canada and luckily I'll be going with him too. now the problem is i want to apply for a licensure exam in Canada. I am aware that i still need to have my credentials assessed first before i can apply for the exam plus the IELTS thing and other requirements but what i am not aware of is with regards to the working hours i have to complete before i can sit for an exam. do they have like an Interim Permit in the US wherein they would allow applicants to work temporarily while waiting for the exam thus allowing them to complete their working hours? or like can i work as an assistant or maybe even as volunteer in Canada so i can finish the said working hours? is there any possible way that i can complete the working hours without leaving Canada? Please shed some light. Much thanks.

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