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i am in my last semester of nursing school

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  1. lynn#

    Just took boards!!!!

    Good luck!! i graduate in may and i am very nervous about boards
  2. lynn#

    :( Sad - LPN (little pretend nurse comment)

    i am sorry some one said that to you. I am a R.N student and i have worked in clinicals with L.P.N.'s and they were really good, i have a couple of friends who are also LPN'S and they are awesome at their jobs, so don't let someone's stupid comment bring you down,, I am very sure that you worked hard to get where your at, sometimes we just have to look over people's stupidity , when they say things like that..
  3. lynn#

    Anyone ever had to do a make up clinical?

    i was sick once and had to do a make up day, it was 1:1, and also they made me do a 5 page report and spend 6 hours in the computer lab, i learned alot that day, because it was 1:1
  4. lynn#

    Whats your nursing student/school pet peev???

    my family is very supportive, but yet they don't realize how time consuming it is. my family is always asking me to go out , but my usual reply is , I have to study,,
  5. lynn#

    Giving Each Other Bed Baths??!!

    no, we never gave bed baths to each other. i am so glad we didn't

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